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Henry Fitzroy Wallpaper
(Broken link has been FIXED.)

I just finished a wallpaper of Henry Fitzroy, a character on the tv show Blood Ties.

Comments are always appreciated! :)

For the 1024 x 768 wp, please click HERE and then click on the image.

1. Don't hotlink.
2. Do not repost the wallpaper without my permission.
3. Feel free to use the wallpaper on your computer. :)

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Hmm, the link doesn't work... but even without a bigger versio I can say that you did a really great job ^^ I love the middle part of your wallpaper.

I just fixed the link so it no longer pointed to something non-existent on LJ. Sorry about that!

And thank you so much for commenting; I appreciate it. The show's been fun so far, and it was no hardship to open up Photoshop and play with some images of Henry. ;)

HTML can be a pain sometimes ^^

it was no hardship to open up Photoshop and play with some images of Henry. ;)

I know! Henry makes everything look so hot. And now that I can see the big version, I can only say it again: Your wallpaper is awesome!

Thank you. :)

And I see from your icon that you're a Heroes fan. I adore that show, though I haven't been involved in anything fannish for it till now. Can't wait till the next new episode!

Oh,y es, Heroes is an amazing show. The characters, the storyline, the villians - I love them all ^^

Thank you. :) I had fun making it.

It looks beautiful, especially the large size where you can see all the detail. I noticed you titled it Bloodties2 - have you done another one? (not greedy, not me;)

Thanks so much. You're right, the details are tough to see in the thumbnail. And you're very observant to notice that it's titled Bloodties2! I am working on another Blood Ties wallpaper, but I finished the Henry one first, even though I started with the other one. Hence the title. ;) I'll post the other one once it's finished.

Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see.

oh, what I'd like to see!

Henry is just wonderful - I do love the bare-chested shots of him from the pilot, where he's lying there in pain and helpless;) - also love the shots just after, when he's healing and Vicki is touching him.

I also like the shot of him when he's looking after Vicki and Celluci at the end of part 2 - he looks jealous, resentful, and beautiful. And, he looked very magnetic as he crawled up to whatserface, Sinead? Or his first kiss with Vicki, from last night's episode...

Can you tell I'm a big Henry fan??

At any rate, I'd love to see whatever you have in mind next - I love this first background and have it the family's PC right now:) Thanks for sharing!


Can you tell I'm a big Henry fan?

:grin: I have a hunch that MANY Blood Ties watchers are big Henry fans. What's not to like? ;)

I love this first background and have it the family's PC right now:)

It makes me smile whenever someone says that, so thank you.

And thanks for sharing your ideas. If any of them work their way into a future wallpaper, I promise you'll see it here.

Oh, wow!!! ♥ That's so hot. Awesome Henry wallpaper. I love it.

Thanks! Henry is very handsome. I hadn't realized the actor was so young, though; he was born in 1984. I was born in '77, so that makes me seven years older. Yikes. :P

Lol, same here. My friend was actually making fun of me the other day because I'm 2 years older than him. He doesn't look like he's only 22 though but very hot either way. :D

He doesn't look like he's only 22 though but very hot either way.

Nope, he sure doesn't. :D And there's no denying he's hot. Dark hair, dark eyes, wicked grin...

Um, yeah, what was I saying?

That's a very beautiful wallpaper. :)

Thanks so much. I'm happy you like it.

Lovely Hayden icon, by the way.

Beautiful wallpaer, I put it up on my computer.

Thank you. That is a high compliment indeed. :)

VERY nice. I think I've found a new desktop background. :D

Wonderful! You've made my day.

Hello, fellow Bones fan. I think I recognize you from

:D Wow. Recognized. I hope that's a good thing. lol

I hope that's a good thing. lol
:) Definitely a good thing.

gr8 wallpaper been looking 4 ages to get 1 of henry but couldn't find any that fitted the whole screen.thanks a lot

You're very welcome. :) I"m glad you like it enough to want to use it on your computer.

I'd been lurking and reading your Bones fics for a while. Amazing btw - love the way you write.

I digress. Only realised while flicking down your tags list today that you had some Blood Ties stuff on here. Love the icons and wallpaper. Find myself wishing you were writing fic for that show as well ;)

Thanks for the wallpaper

I snagged the wallpaper of Henry, lovely boy that he is. And great job you've done with him too.

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