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Bones Friendship - lerdo
Zack is not a murderer. Thank you.

That scene with him and Sweets actually made me cry. Last year's finale was so poorly-written that it didn't hit me at first at how much Zack's storyline hurt.

Agreed. It was extremely painful.

Yep, that's kinda where I went, too. I don't understand why he would go to jail if Sweets told people that, though. That doesn't make sense to me....

Because he was an accessory to murder I think

Didn't see the episode but I need to know: why?

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I hadn't been reading any of the sides or saw any previews from last week, so seeing Zack again was a wonderful, heartbreaking surprise.

And then that revelation at the end? YES.

Now I can look forward to seeing where they take THAT tidbit of information.

I love the fact that Zack is not a murderer, but hold on a second. If he didn't kill the lobbyist and that definitely was NOT Gormogon then who the hell was in that closet jumping out with the knife at the end of Knight on the Grid?

I get that they are trying to make Zack's abrupt apparent change in personality less so than it looked in PitH, but they simply aren't thinking things through and they are contradicting themselves. Zack clearly admitted to killing the lobbyist before, and now he's back tracking? I would have done it if he asked me but I didn't actually do it? Come on guys, pick your fork in the road and then stick with it.

::sigh:: What I wouldn't give for 5 minutes in the writer's room with those guys to discuss the concept of continuity...

It's sloppy, agreed. I believe this is what's referred to as a retcon. But I'm still thrilled that they're saying he didn't actually kill anyone.

I re-watched the scene between Sweets and Zack and transcribed it for someone else. If you'd like to read it, here it is:

Zack: I haven’t actually done it before, you know.

Sweets: Had sex?

Zack: Ended someone’s life. Why doesn’t anyone ever believe I’ve had sex?

Sweets: You confessed to plunging a knife into a man’s chest.

Zack: No. I said I killed him – which I did; I told The Master where to find the man.

Sweets: But you didn’t plunge a knife into the man’s chest?

Zack: It wasn’t me.

Sweets: Zack, why did you confess?

Zack: I would have done it. If The Master had asked, I would have done it.

Sweets: No, no. You don’t know that. People have no idea if they’re capable of ending a life until they’re put in that situation. In all of our sessions, I’ve had question marks because you, at heart, are not a killer.
(Sweets starts dialing his cell.) I gotta, I gotta tell Dr. Brennan this.

Zack: You can’t tell them. Because I’m your patient, and you’re not allowed, ethically.

Sweets: Zack, don’t you want your friends to know that you didn’t kill anyone?

Zack: I’m still an accessory to murder. If you tell them, they’ll take me out of here and put me in prison. Hodgins assures me I would not do well in prison.

Sweets: OK, what about the person that actually did commit the murder? He’s still out there.

Zack: No. The Master killed him. So he could recruit me. There could only ever be two.

Sweets: You have to let me tell the truth.

Zack: You can’t tell anyone without my permission…. We should go in; I don’t want to get you into trouble.

I really loved this ep. I liked the Zack-twist at the end... but can also see it being kind of a cop-out for the terrible finale. A delusional murderer or a delusional accessory to murder? Is there a reason the accessory can't be in the loony bin? I don't know... all I know is I feel like we've seen some excellent eps this past two weeks... and that has me giddy! Wednesday Smile!!!

Copy/pasting what I wrote to LSQ:

It's sloppy, agreed. I believe this is what's referred to as a retcon. But I'm still thrilled that they're saying he didn't actually kill anyone.

Is there a reason the accessory can't be in the loony bin?

I think what they're trying to say is that he would be shown to be perfectly sane, in which case he'd be sent to prison instead of remaining at the mental institution.

And yeah, all in all, we've gotten some good eps lately. :)

I can't speak to the continuity of it in reference to last season because I haven't completely caught up yet, but it was nice to hear.

I loved this episode. The case was great and I found I was giggling through most of it.

I took it to mean that:

(1) After the apprentice of 3.01 died, the Master took a new apprentice.

(2) The new apprentice got played by the Master when he found a much more useful apprentice, Zack. To the Master, Zack was the new apprentice and the random dude became an instrument.

Yeah, I'm betting it's retcon, but this is how I choose to reconcile it in my mind. It's VMars and Shelly Pomroy's party all over again--there are multiple interpretations supported by canon, so you have to pick one and justify it in your own head.

Why did FOX promo this episode as Brennan sleeping with the new intern? I spent all week thinking that I was going to be rolling my eyes at this episode. And my roommate thinks it's funny that I got duped by promos, since she feels I should know better (she's right).

And to continue that, can we keep the new intern (at least beyond one episode)? I know every replacement ever gets all depressed when Zack comes back (coughClarkcough), but he's incarcerated. And Wendell seemed all right to me. He just needs a little more confidence, which could be his story arc for a few episodes.

Does anyone know if Wendell the hot intern is coming back? On IMDB he's only listed in one episode... But I don't know how accurate that is.

So is the hottie staying or going?

YES! Really like that Zack isn't a murderer, but it does raise the issue of cop-out, back-track, etc. from the writers. Unfortunately, it seems us fans(or at least the fanfic writers) spend more time thinking out the storylines than the writers do. Too bad we can't send some of us in there to help with continuity. Oh well.

Thought it was a good episode overall though :)

This is probably my least favorite episode. I really, really, really, wish they'd hire a Continuity editor, and forget about replacing Zach. I assure you, the money for the former would be better spent than for the latter.

I am ready to kick HH, and I wish he were more ballsy. If he's gonna go dark, go dark, dammit, and don't retcon!!

[kicks retcons.]

Oh, hell: [kicks HH.]

Oh, indeed, thank you.

Watching him again made me realize how much i missed him. And I didn't even notice that until now :(

I'm so glad this happened, because making all of us believe he was a murderer was a big mistake.

I literally cannot wait to watch this (yes people, I am leaving work early just to go home and watch the ep.. not).. anyway I already know what my dh is going to say - for some reason he actually finds Zack creepy and feasible as a murderer!!! Go figure.

Zack is not a murderer. Thank you.

Yup. That one, and the final scene is not the usual as in Booth-teaches-something-to-Brennan. She fixes his big, touchable, perfect, muscular and asdlñkjfasdajdfk back!!!

Booth is hot, but I tell you this woman will get me out of the closet someday. :-P

Ok, just seen it! And I could spend my whole life reading all the comments here - I have scanned loads and good to see mostly people are as confuddled as me.

Ok, so they backtracked, figure of eighted, changed their minds, sort of didn't change their minds bleurgh, blauh, blah.....

I am a bit cheesed that they have done that - at least have the balls to stick with the decision they made. Ok so it was contraversial, OOC, dodgy continuity-wise know, all the things that we debated all summer - BUT it is WHAT HAPPENED......

but if I am going to ignore my inner critic - and say on the other hand - yay - Zack not a murderer....and I like the fact he doesn't want Sweets (who, upsettingly continues to grow on me) to tell anyone.

Overall another top episode I thought, Brennan actually doing science, Came being a bee-atch, great Zack-Hodgins (TJ keeps running away with the show, and some nice B/B stuff....even though still continuing twith the Booth forgetting the gravity of certain situations and seeming only to find amusement.

Sorry - ramble and hijack of thread over!

Edited at 2008-09-25 08:30 pm (UTC)

still continuing twith the Booth forgetting the gravity of certain situations and seeming only to find amusement

I think water turning purple when peed in can only be treated as amusing by a guy who is not scientific. What else is he gonna do? It's Booth, the guy guy. And he always treated Zack in a jokey way, or threatened to shoot him. At least he didn't do that. And he turned a blind eye to the escape for the sake of the case and the bonding. That's fairly typical of him too.

At least he wasn't goofy.


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