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I'm cold; hold me.  I hate being cold.  And it's not even November yet.  *sigh*

Why can't it be spring all the time?  *pouts through chattering teeth*

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*hands you a cup of steaming tea*

Weather forecast says it's going to snow here. And it's not even November yet.


Thanks for the tea and the hugs; I needed them. We had 30 mile per hour winds here yesterday. :(

Snow in our country - not here but it is near freezing. There has been ice on the car two mornings running. I am drinking hot chocolate and breathing on the screen to warm us both up. Making curry too.

I feel for you. :\

I am drinking hot chocolate and breathing on the screen to warm us both up. Making curry too.

Oooh. All of the above sound delightful. Thank you.

we had abut 8 inches of snow here last night.....fabulous, but yes, a little early! I love this time of year - my fave!

Ooh you lucky bugger! All we've got down here in S Wales is bloody more rain!!

I'm not ready for snow yet. I like the colors of autumn, and slightly brisk whether is OK, but I can't stand cold weather. We had 30 mile per hour winds here yesterday, in addition to low temperatures. Not. Fun. :( Give me spring any day.

I'm right there with ya - it's starting to freeze here in France (and I've been out with my friends last night - brrr!)

Not even a week ago, we had a beautiful fall day - sun, warm enough not to wear a coat and beautiful colors. And now it's freezing. *grr*

*hugs you and offers scarves and blankets and hot soup with crunchy bread*

Is that Anya in your icon? God, I miss that show.

Thanks for the hugs, winter accoutrements, and especially the soup and bread. Yum.

Yep, that's Anya (and Xander.) Apparently I was in a BtVS mood during my most recent icon hunt. :)

*adds tea to list of happy warming things*

I have no love for the cold, either, but I do so love crunching my feet through those gorgeously colored leaves.

(Wow. It's like I'm an optimist all of a sudden. *g* It won't last.)

I like autumn colors. Even a little brisk weather is OK. But it's downright cold here, with temps in the 30s and winds gusting at 30-ish mph. Yuck. :( Do not want!

(Wow. It's like I'm an optimist all of a sudden. *g* It won't last.)

:P Oh, you.

It's cold here, too, and I do not like it. Why did we skip Fall this year?


I don't know, D. Everything's topsy turvy. :(

*hugs you back* Thanks.

I'll be more than happy to share some of the heat i've got going. Trust me, later on you'll most likely start to crave the cold.

Haha. I won't have a chance to crave the cold; I'm due Feb. 22nd, and it'll still be plenty chilly here then, unfortunately. (Or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!)

Well i for one is very happy that the weather has turned to the chillier side. only 19 more days to go till due date so you can imagine how i'm feeling.

had last ultrasound today and she's perfect at 3100g so now we're just waiting.


I understand; we had sleet and flurries here today.

Oh, dear. It's too soon for sleet and flurries!!!

Love your icon, btw. :)

*hugs you back* Thank you.

Maryland isnt supposed to be this cold. *brrr* Why weather?

I know! That's what I keep telling myself. The world's gone crazy.

I feel for you and am sending virtual hugs your way; hoping it warms me up too! Currently I'm just thanking God that the snow that hit Ottawa, didn't hit us!!

It's too damned early for this!

Aww, thanks for the hugs, LSQ. *hugs you back* Stay warm.

It's too damned early for this!


Here in Italy (or, at least, where I'm living at the moment) it's quite hot. They were putting up the Christmas decoration in the streets today and it looked like spring outside! You could come and visit to enjoy the heat: I don't know what I'd give for a little cold and snow! :)

Oh, I wish I was in Italy right now. :) I suppose the grass is always greener... heat isn't working so I spend last night sleeping under five blankets in two shirts and four pairs of PJ pants. I really do feel for you.

Although, with our little bit of snow it was cool seeing the mix of white and bright colours on the ground.

Oh, dear God. That sounds horrible. See if you can find a heating pad; that helps when my bed is freezing.

It's too soon for snow!

*sends hot chocolate and several blankets your way*

It hasn't gotten too bad over here, although Washington never seems to get super extreme weather (thank goodness!).

Hope though that it warms up for you soon - being that cold when it's not even November yet = ick :(

You're lucky to not have many weather extremes. That's wonderful.

We had temps in the 30s yesterday, with winds gusting at 30-ish mph. Not. Good!

I won't turn down hot chocolate or blankets. *g* Thanks, hon.

There's wintery showers all over the UK except here in Wales. We have lots a lots of rain (again) and the cold.. brrrr... not fair!

Rain and cold is a nasty combination. I feel for you, TT.

I hear ya! I had the same problem last night. I was finally beginning to get come to terms with the idea that it was now autumn and no longer summer, but yesterday the first frost reared its head so now I suddenly have to come to terms with the fact that autumn is basically already over again and winter is busily limbering up for its reign.

My hands and feet were freezing from my bike ride home from the train station and I just couldn't get warm again.

Finally I'd had enough and took action (suddenly I'm hearing Cam in my head "and when I say action I mean New York action!"). I put on my favorite thick wool sweater (tent, basically), warm leggings, two pairs of socks, grabbed a steaming mug of hot double-strength-double-dose-espresso, a shot of Remy Martin cognac and a shot of old-fashioned Mulder & Scully squeeing (Rain King was a fabulously romantic episode!) and before long I was all warm and toasty again!

Obviously brandy isn't optional for you right now (maybe not even coffee - admittedly I'm not completely up to date about coffee and pregnancy - but in that case tea will do fabulously), but the rest works like a charm, I assure you! (replace with B&B squeeing at your discretion)

*still warm and toasty thinking about it*

I hate winter. Absolutely hate it! Fall is still OK -- at least there are gorgeous colors to enjoy. But I would probably be pretty happy with eternal spring. *g*

Your coping techniques sound delightful! You're right, brandy isn't an option right now, but a little caffeine is considered OK. So coffee would work, even if double-strength espresso might be pushing it. :) And that combined with the wool sweater, leggings, and the fictional pairing of my choice should do the trick. Thank you for the suggestions. One of these days, I will catch up on X-Files, at which time I'm sure there will be much M/S squeeing to be heard from my tiny corner of the world.

I hear ya! We had our first snow here already! Granted, it didn't even come close to sticking, but...I'm not ready for snow, yet! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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