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Bones: to catch up or not to catch up ?

Hello! Is there anybody out there?

Personal update later, but I know another season of Bones just ended, and I'm wondering if I should bother trying to catch up. (Keep in mind I'm several seasons behind.) Any thoughts?

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I stopped watching when she got pregnant. I can't say I've missed it. A friend of mine thought a recent ep was hilarious but I don't think I'll ever go back.

I'm exactly there, too. :)

There have been some lovely moments between there and here (where did you stop season 5?) but on the whole I find I am often watching while doing something else iykwim? I will see it out to the end but.. yeah.

If you tell me where you are I could try and recommend 10 eps to catch you up without watching any filler if you want!

Lovely to see you about! Look forward to hearing a personal update :) :)

This. There are quite a few eps from last season and this season that I would say definitely skip. I caught up on the last three eps yesterday and then watched the finale last night... the last three eps of this season (and any others with Pelant) are worth the watching.

*clinging on but barely*

I agree with TT. Watching a specific list of eps would be best, but I honestly wouldn't even include a single ep from the past two seasons. That being said, season six still had a couple of great episodes that I wouldn't have wanted to miss, but that's also when I started having serious problems with the show. Since then it's only gotten worse for me, and a couple eps this year pretty much killed what was left of my ability to fanwank/handwave the issues away. I might catch up on the last two eps out of curiosity, but I've removed the show from my DVR and doubt I'll be adding it back any time soon. *sheds fangirl tear in memory of the good times*

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Yes we share a problem with one of those eps in particular this year I know. That made me very sad as up until that point I'd been liking the start of this season (in general). It was definitely what set my off feeling this way now.

*me* (my phone hates LJ)

Which ep? I need to know! :o)

"The Shot in the Dark".

Oh, never mind, I know which one.

Shot in the Dark

(My phone tried to autocorrect that to 'Shirt in the Dark' LOL!)

Yeah, same. Though I wrote above that I wouldn't consider any eps from this season worth watching (minus the last couple, which again I haven't seen so I can't say), I had still been enjoying it more than the previous year until that ep came along. Then "The Party in the Pants" happened, which I had multiple issues with, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back for me.

I didn't mind that ep so much but was aware that if I looked at it too deeply it might piss me off but by then had stopped looking too deeply.

We're not really selling this catch up business are we?!

It wasn't even just the obvious issues others talked about; there were a few ACA-related things that really bothered me too, which I think I'll finally talk about in my next entry (I don't want to spoil anyone else here). Honestly, if that ep had fallen a year or two before, I probably could've let it roll off my back, but it was kinda too much by then.

I'll be interested to read that.

I would also be very interested in reading that.

I agree with TT. There have been some lovely moments. On the whole, though, I find that I am more and more disappointed since S5. You know me, I am here until the very bitter end, which I do hope is this next season. The last two eps have been better than most, but I still have some issues with both. I haven't even been watching in Real Time and sometimes take two or three weeks to catch up. I did watch the finale last night, though.

I wouldn't mind recommending some eps to you or collaborating on TT's list.

So good to see you. I hope you and your family are well.

I might need that help remembering them!

I feel same about hoping season 9 is last, sad as that is.

Hmmm. I'm going to start with S6. Understanding that I think season openers and endings should be watched just to have a starting and ending point.

1. The Mastadon in the Room
2. The Doctor in the Photo
3. The Bullet in the Brain
4. The Daredevil in the Mold (just to say goodbye to Hannah and isn't Gordon Gordon in this one?
5. The Hole in the Heart
6. The Change in the Game

1. The Memories in the Shallow Grave
2. The Crack in the Code (introduces Pelant)
3. The Prisoner in the Pipe (the birth of the baby)
4. The Past in the Present

1. The Future in the Past
2. The Patriot in the Purgatory (more like old school Bones)
3. The Corpse in the Canopy (more Pelant)
4. The Shot in the Dark (feel free to skip, it's pretty polarizing)
5. The Pathos in the Pathogens
6. The Secret in the Siege

Feel free to chime in with changes/adds/deletes.

And now that I think about it, no there's really no reason for you to catch up. Remember it how it was, dear, and not how it is. You'd really just be disappointed. Look at that. Three seasons of a show I'd watch and rewatch and watch every episode of the first three or four seasons, reduced down to 16 episodes that I am not going to ever watch again.

This is probably good advice, though I do have a sentimental attachment to "The Doctor in the Photo" (i.e. I'm glad I stayed watching until that point at least) because it led to me writing my second fic.

Thanks. I could also narrow the list down even further, but left in some just to get the gist for continuity's sake.

I love your list. If you do watch, S, watch these. If you don't, don't lose any sleep over it!

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I'd add "The Blackout in the Blizzard" to the s6 list, if only because of the thigh-rubbing. Heh.

Also, I forgot about The Patriot in the Purgatory. You're right about that one.

I haven't watched regularly in several years. I did watch a tiny but of last season and thought it wasn't too bad but at that point I had lost my fangirl goggles as it had been a while so my expectations were lower. My big problem is that once the fangirl goggles go on I have high expectations :P

Welcome back!

I never thought of myself as fickle, but I dropped Bones like a hot rock somewhere around season 4. I have seen episodes since, one-offs. They weren't bad, but they weren't good.

I watch TV like I read fanfic. Some is good, some is bad (some is absolutely horrible) some is exceptional. I watch them all because I enjoy the characters (mostly, plot holes NWS) and every so often DB gets an opportunity to really haul out his acting/directing chops. So I am with them until the bitter (or bittersweet, I never trust Hart/Stephen) end.

Hi! *waves* :) Would love to hear a personal update!

Can't really help you with Bones. The show and I officially parted ways this last year as I no longer recognized the early season characters I came to love. Now they're simply caricatures of their former selves (and not with their good aspects expanded). And from the overwhelming anger on my Twitter stream after the finale over horrible writing and totally OOC characters, I'm really glad I'm no longer invested in it. I'd say just treasure the early years (for me, that's S2 in spades) and leave it at that. It's simply not the show it was anymore and it's time for them to wrap it up.

Hey there! I stopped 2 seasons ago and now I just read a recap or spoiler now and then to stay sort of in the loop. There has been too much I think you'll not like ( that was horrible sentence structure) to spend the time watching to catch up. If anything, I agree with TT and Space, get some recs for must-see eps and skip the rest.

*hugs* Nice to see you back around LJ <3 How are you? As for Bones, I'm not up to date on it either, I haven't watched regularly in a couple years now *facepalm* Ah well, maybe I'll catch up sometime?

And here I thought it was just me. That said, I've been happier with more of the recent episodes that I'd ever been with nearly all of last season. The personal relationship between Bones and Booth is just laughable to me, all completely out of character, and with a baby thrown in there for no good reason. Even this year's finale seemed trumped up and held zero drama. I agree with everyone else: it's time for this show to jump.

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