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I am not a man. Or maybe I am.
Coat!Booth Looking up - lerdo
*scratches head*  Why do people think I'm a man?  Does my username just sound masculine?  This has happened a couple times now, and it's weird and funny.      

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I totally just defended your honor lol to some idiot.

that was me! and it was a mistake! ps, I'm not an idiot :p

As I said below, you're not the first person to think I'm a man, and I'm sure you won't be the last. I do NOT think you are an idiot. But I was confused, so I posted the question, and lo and behold, several very intelligent people posited an interesting theory! :)

*headdesk* I'm sorry. I was just mad at something else, so I didn't actually mean what I typed. I hope you can forgive me.

nothing to forgive babe ♥ we seem to have alot in common, would you like to be friends?

You didn't need to say anything, but thank you. :)

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(Deleted comment)
actually I am an idiot, and I amke alot of mistake, again I'm sorry babe xxx

and sweety I wasn't having a go at you, you rock!!!! someone else posted that I was an idiot and I over reacted and got a little offended, hormonal LMAO

(Deleted comment)
I read this and it suddenly occurred to me just how few people I know in fandom who's names end on the masculine "-o." So perhaps that's it?

I do think that's it. :) You're brilliant. I hate my username, but I haven't changed it because it's what people know me by, and changing just seems like a pain in the butt. Someone once told me lerdo means slow and stupid in Spanish. :D Perhaps it's time for a change.

*totally butting in*

it means slow and stupid, but for a man. for a woman it would be lerda. I guess the ones who think you're a man are from a language where nouns have gender, like spanish or portuguese. I myself thought you were a man, lol

I myself thought you were a man, lol

*g* That amuses me to no end, but alas, I am a woman. ;)

LOL, this is funny but I feel bad, aww!

Funny story - especially if you're Setje and you're reading this: I thought she was a man at first hahaha. It was the name that threw me off. Sorry Setje! I hope this didn't offend you lol. I figured it out very soon after :P

In your case, I also think it could be the username too, just because ending in "o" in some languages usually indicates the masculine tense. Although all evidence suggests otherwise(aka profile, lj, etc.), unless you are a very very girly man (but I know that's not the case lol). But keep your username! I like lerdo!

Who thought you were a guy?? Was this in an lj comment??

Don't question your femininity, L. You're an amazing WOman, hee! :)

P.S. I hope all is well! I'm loving your new drabble series! I've caught up with all of your writing!! I am very impressed. I also feel that you have become more amazing at writing with every new story/drabble you post! Keep up the amazing job. I'm behind you all the way ♥


P.S. I may e-mail you soon! I miss exchanging e-mails. I know time is short for everyone, but even delayed replies are fine by me! I just like to keep in touch :)

Thanks, sweetie. It is funny. Don't feel bad; I just couldn't figure out what was causing people to reach that conclusion despite evidence to the contrary. But LJ is filled with smart people like you, who saw the answer when I didn't. I think it is the "o" that's doing it.

unless you are a very very girly man

I AM a girly man! (Said in best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.) *g*

Who thought you were a guy?? Was this in an lj comment??

The most recent instance was at boothandbrennan, but it's happened elsewhere before. Someone had asked for fanfic recs, and my name was mentioned. I was referred to as a he. I could have just jumped in and said I was a woman, but I felt weird about doing that because someone was talking ABOUT me, not TO me. I know LJ is in many ways a public place, but it felt like kind of a private discussion. I don't know if that makes any sense. I had just read this post, and it got me thinking. Not that I'm remotely important in any fandom; I just didn't want to intrude. But I was still puzzled as to why people keep deciding I'm a man, so I went ahead and posted the question here.

Keep up the amazing job. I'm behind you all the way ♥

*hugs* Thank you, Katie. That means a lot.

Email me whenever you want; I am sometimes often behind on replies, but I promise it's never personal. I read everything, and I WILL respond, even if it takes me a while. Many, many hugs to you. You have to do what's best for you, but I am always happy to see your name pop up on LJ. :) I've always admired your candor, and there's a sweetness to your personality that comes through in your posts.

LOL at Arnold impression :)

Great link btw, that's a good post, I added it to my memories. It definitely makes sense, so I think you did the right thing!

*hugs back* Welcome, dear!

Don't worry about being behind on replies (just look at me! Getting to this NOW *sigh*) Aww!!! Thank you so much, I'm glad that personality comes through in my posting. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a computer voice :P That compliment meant a lot to me, thank you ♥

P.S. Continue to take care! Oh, and I'm loving the new series Into the Fire. I'm going to go weigh in on that post where you had questions. I'm off!

I totally get how you feel. The same thing happened to me.

I think, for some folks, if the name ends in "o" it denotes masculinity. [kicks them for you.]

A LOT of folks think "makd" is a guy. When I first started using it, I just grabbed at my initials; it was handy and easy, and hard for me to forget. However, I knew something was up when folks started to make comments that indicated that they thought I was a guy. [scratches head.] IMO, I think folks think it's "markd", not "makd".

your all WOman babe ♥

The icon says it all. :-)

I think, for some folks, if the name ends in "o" it denotes masculinity. [kicks them for you.]

I think you and the other people who mentioned the "o" have hit the nail on the head. See, that's why I posted the question. The answer was sitting right under my nose, but only my flist saw it. :D And no kicking necessary, but thank you.

A LOT of folks think "makd" is a guy.

Ah, then you know precisely where I'm coming from. The internets are always good for a laugh. :D For what it's worth, I never thought you were a man. Not that it would be bad if you were. But then my crush on you wouldn't be a girl crush. ;)

heheh I'm sssoooo sorry! I called you a man today, someone asked about good Bons fanficts and I told them you were the best, but I called you a "he" :[ sorry babe!
my name is Sarah, is Lerdo your real name? xxxx

Sarah, it's ok. :) No need to apologize. Honestly, I find it rather amusing. This has happened a bunch of times, and I was just confused because my profile states I'm female, plus I do a fair amount of squeeing about Bones (and DB), etc. Which doesn't mean I couldn't be a gay or bi man, but I think there are things in my LJ and writing that hint otherwise.

I don't think you're an idiot. I figured I might be missing something, though, so I posted the question. And I think people are right; "o" at the end of a name does denote masculinity in many languages. Perhaps that's what leads some folks to conclude I'm a man.

my name is Sarah, is Lerdo your real name?

*grins* Most definitely not! It comes from an old Star Wars movie my brother and I watched a million times when we were kids. In it, one of the Ewoks sounds like it's saying "Lerdo." I don't know why, but I picked that as my net screenname. I have since been informed that lerdo means "slow and stupid" in Spanish. LOL Ah, well.

My real name is somewhat uncommon, and I am a bit paranoid about privacy issues when it comes to the Internet. That's why you won't find it anywhere in my LJ or at Sometimes I'll share it with people if we email or IM, but that's it. I'm uncomfortable with it just sitting on my journal, where the whole world can effectively see it.

Again, no apology necessary, and I do not think you're an idiot. :)

I realised when I read this entry that I tend to assume all ff writers are female, so someone mistaking you for a guy is even more amusing to me :)

Exactly! I'm making a sweeping generalization here, but I think more women than men post fanfiction--at least in the Bones fandom. (And elsewhere, I suspect.)

This is what I think. I'm sure it is a sweeping generalisation, but then in both fandoms I've been particularly active in (Bones and Doctor Who) I've only come across one guy writing in each!

I always assumed you were a woman, even before I knew you were. I don't tend to think usernames sound male or female, unless particularly obvious eg. guy01 or something LOL, as so many of us don't use our real names.

I LOL at yours being the mumble of an Ewok btw, gotta love those little guys :)

I would love to know if there were any men actively writing ff, particularly in the Bonesverse. I too have always assumed pretty much every ff writer is female. It has never occurred to me to wonder. (I think it has to do with the inherent Booth-worship in most stories, we just can't *not* drool a little bit as we write.)

Have you read stuff by newscaper? He be male and very good :) Particularly recommend Sevare Vitas if you've not come across it before...

Servare Vitas I mean...

He writes great Booth! ;)

Actually, yes I have read that - thanks for reminding me. Mind like a sieve ya know?

LOL, don't worry - join the club :)

Heh... On my website I have my middle name and when I meet clients, they still seem to think a man is coming to train their dogs.

Must think Cesear Milan is taking a day out of his very important and busy schedule (tongue firmly implanted in cheek for that line) to come help them.

*g* Then they must be surprised when they actually meet you.

Maybe you're just very confused about your gender?

I seriously don't ever think that I've thought of anyone in fandom as a 'he'... nor (that I remember) have I met a guy fic writer. That's really funny though! ;) and BTW, I like lerdo. And hey! as long as you don't use Spanish on a daily basis...

Lol. Yep. It's the username. Sounds masculine. And also all the DB icons can't really help. I know, logically, that a girl would have a whole bunch of sexy man icons (or a gay guy, true) but it's just the SUGGESTION, having the pics close to your username.

I know I'm late, but I just came back home. ;)

I agree with the 'o' ending thing, and knowing -of course its meaning in Spanish, I've always thought that it would have any other meaning in another language, so it didn't seem too strange for me. I like it, in case it helps on deciding whether changing it or not. ;)

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