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Mmmmm.... Cooooooookieeeeees!
I just read this and this -- and now I really, really want to eat make chocolate chip cookies.  *sighs*  Fiber One with blueberries and soymilk isn't nearly as tasty. 

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You know what IS as good though? Half a tray of crushed ice, a ripe banana, and a cup of light vanilla soy milk, all run through the blender. MMmmmm!

::waits impatiently for family to be awake so she can make the noise that will create this concoction::

Also, are you up and about? Do you IM?

Yum. Smoothies are good, too. No argument there.

I am definitely up and about, though running around. I do IM. On Yahoo IM, I'm lerdo_umd. On AIM, I'm lerdoumd. :)

i think the cookie craving is going around...

non for me either though, I'm rocking a peach and a bottle of water instead.

Peaches are tasty, too. :) Yay for fruit.

(Deleted comment)
I don't know what pufterloons are, but they sound delicious. *runs off to Google*


My English teacher brought chocolate chip cookies cooked by him a few days ago. Yummy.

Right now here is lunchtime therefore it's a bad conversation *lol*


Awww... That was a nice thing for your English teacher to do!

Hmmmmm *glomps the cookies*

I am eating a fairtrade Divine orange milk-chocolate bar - so I feel all virtuous as well as all full of yummy choccy.


Orange + chocolate = heaven. Enjoy guilt-free. ;)

I always find myself in these kinds of situations.

I finally made that grilled cheese sandwich last night that I had been craving for two weeks. It wasn't nearly as satisfying as I'd hoped.

Oh, that's too bad. Maybe better luck next time? ;)

Perhaps, perhaps. :o)

I am a cookie monster, they are my greatest food weakness. Crispy, crunchy, soft, chewy, nobbly or cake-y, I love them all.

...instead, I'm drinking crystal light and contemplating a soyjoy bar. *grump*

A friend of mine out in Washington State sent me a giant bag of chai tea snickerdoodles for a birthday present this year. I was in heaven. Nomnomnom.

Chai tea snickerdoodles? Those sound UNBELIEVABLE. *is jealous*

Oh, cookies, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Oh believe me, they were divine. I'm trying to weasel the recipe from her, but alas, she remains tight-lipped on the subject.

Let me count the ways...
One one-thousand, two one-thousand...

I love anything containing soy milk and blueberries, but black chocolate... ::impersonates Homer Simpson thinking of food::

Anyway, I'm eager about my UK trip in a few weeks to buy McVitie's with no control at all. They're sold here but not all its variety.

I was thinking this morning that I feel like cooking this weekend, maybe I'll try something sweet.

Enjoy your cookies!!

Soymilk and blueberries are good in their own right, but I can't say they're tastier than chocolate chip cookies. I wish I could say that, but I'd be lying. *g*

Your Homer impression made me laugh. ;)

Happy baking this wkend, if that is what you end up doing. And congrats on the upcoming UK trip!

Happy baking this wkend, if that is what you end up doing.

I'm in the middle of making mushroom and spinach veggie burgers, I don't know why, just had to be in the kitchen cooking something. I'm eating plain chocolate in the meantime though. *lol*

::still thinking about McVitie's:: ¬¬

Chocolate chip cookies may be the world's greatest foodstuff. I love baking them, I love eating them, I especially love eating the dough before I can get it into the oven.

What I do not love is the cleaning up afterwards.

Mmmmm...chocolate chip cookies sound delicious right now!! They're my favorite kind of cookie :) ♥

The gum I'm chewing right now isn't nearly as good either ;)

Thank you for that link. I'm always looking for a great chocolate chip cookie recipe. It seems the ones I try are often disappointing in some way. This sounds like a recipe that can't fail. *crosses fingers*

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