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Project 365: July 15, 2008
Perfect Imperfections - unexpectedbox
So in an effort to document the beauty in the seemingly mundane (and to teach myself to take palatable photographs), I've decided to do  Project 365

I'm not trying to follow any theme or say anything profound with this picture.  It just happens to be one half of possibly the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned.  I live in these shoes during the summer.  Since I'm positive no one wants to see my shoe in 3888 x 2592 pixels, I've shrunk it to 500 x 333 pixels.  *g*

"Yet if a woman never lets herself go, how will she ever know how far she might have got? If she never takes off her high-heeled shoes, how will she ever know how far she could walk or how fast she could run?"
~ Germaine Greer

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Cool project! I may take on a version of it myself... make myself snap a pic of my kids every day for a year. Might be interesting!
I have a pair of similar sandles that I bought for this summer and my god, best things I've ever owned!!
And regarding the quote:
Did you read/see/hear about the High-Heel-A-Thon? I just happened to see it on Regis and Kelly the other morning - hundreds of women (and a few men!) sprinting a (looked like) 50-yard dash in high heels. It was fairly entertaining! Personally, I think the MAN (c'mon, it HAD to have been) who first invented high heels should have been immediately shot!

I watched it. It was hilarious, and I thought rather dangerous. All for a good cause, I suppose. I couldn't do it. I don't wear high heels because I cannot walk in them. I have seriously pronating ankles, and I would just stumble down.

I agree that the invention of high heels should be a capital offense.

I bet taking a pic a day of your kids would yield fantastic results.

No, I hadn't heard about the High-Heel-A-Thon, but it sounds like an accident (and lawsuit) waiting to happen. *g*

Personally, I think the MAN (c'mon, it HAD to have been) who first invented high heels should have been immediately shot!

Of course it was. :P

Edited at 2008-07-15 07:03 pm (UTC)

hmm, i hadn't heard about the high-heel-a-thon. it sounds like a horrible joke to me. i personally don't do high heels (i would fall flat on my ass and i tend to prefer comfort to fashion). i don't have a problem with women who do enjoy wearing heels, but i frankly find it a bit absurd to have an event which focuses around trying to do something so dangerous as that to celebrate that women regularly submit to shouldering the (imo unnecessary) extra burden of societal beauty standards on top of everything else we have to bear.

sorry bout that, i just had to say it. :)

(Deleted comment)
Have fun, if you decide to do it.

I love learning about new comfortable shows. I just don't wear high heels at all. I can't walk in them, period.

I love that Germaine Greer quote.

It's a fab quote, isn't it? ♥

As for heels, I'll wear them to weddings, etc., but that's it. They're disability or death waiting to happen. *g*

What a great project - def up for a bit of that! May post on facebook rather than here...?

Good luck; it seems like a fun idea -- no matter where you post the results. :)

i agree it's a great idea. i'm already a bit of a photoblogger. i'm addicted to sending photos to my flickr page from my phone, and flickr would be an excellent place to do the project 365 thing.

actually, one of my contacts over there is a woman in portugal who takes wonderful pics and rarely writes any comments or titles in english, but i know she has photos labelled as numbers in portugese and now i wonder if this is what she's doing.

Interesting project. It's a pity the lazy I am and how soon I would give up.

Nice flip-flops, by the way. I wear them a lot too, have I ever told you that I NEVER wear high-heels, no matter what's the ocasion or how 'elegant' my clothes are?

I'll keep an eye on this, maybe I change my mind and I end up doing it. :)

Your icon is fantastic; I love it! :D

I don't blame you for never wearing heels. I'll wear them for weddings, etc., but they're not comfortable, and they're terrible for your back.

You never know till you try. But you could change it around to a pic a week or whatever seems doable. I have no idea how long I'll last, but I thought it sounded like a neat idea.

I'm not happy with the text font, but yes, I like the idea. Mixing Scully and Brennan makes me laugh. (XF - 6x05 - Dreamland - Scully: "Baby me and you'll be peeing through a catheter!" - A must watch) ;) I was thinking of looking for new fonts and improving it, but I'm totally ok with sharing it.

Heels + high foot arch = Never, not even for weddings. *g*

I'll think of the Project365 not being daily... Interesting...

>>But you could change it around to a pic a week or whatever seems doable.

Then would you have to call it Project52?

Interesting project - and great that you started with your favorite shoes!

I love thongs, which I've been wearing summers since 1962, when I bought my first pair. They're so comfy!

The Daughter's master's thesis was on the relationship between high heels and art, so clearly, the women in this family are shoe-oriented. :-)

When I read this entry earlier, I thought that the site I came across last night might be helpful :)


Sounds like a very cool project! It's tempting me to do it(because I really need something else to do when I'm going into my senior year, yeah right), although I'm not sure how long I'd be able to keep it up before I'd just forget one day.

Those shoes do look very comfy, yay!

I really like that quote, and speaking of high heels, they are quite hard to walk in sometimes aren't they?!!

Ooh what a fabulous idea... I'm going to do it on flickr.

As for comfortable shoes - I love the look of heels, and how they make me feel/walk... but yeah, give me flats any day of the week! I live in flip-flops when not in work :)

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