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Bones Double Drabble: Bubbly (#79 in ATLBU)
B/B Across the Table
Title: Bubbly
Brennan, Booth
Word Count:
Set early in Season 4.
For Season 4.
Feedback is always, always treasured.  Thank you. :)

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“So you’re seeing two guys, huh?”

“Yes,” she says, setting down her water glass. “One for intellectual stimulation and one for”—she pauses, a feeling of guardedness sneaking over her as Booth’s eyebrows shoot up—“physical stimulation.”

“Hm. Brains and heart,” he replies, nodding. “You know, Bones, sometimes you can find both in one person.”

“I am aware of that.” She spears a lettuce leaf. “But since I haven’t yet found someone who fills both needs, I won’t put my life on hold until I do.”

“Maybe you’re looking in the wrong places.” Booth’s eyes glitter in the early autumn sunshine warming the diner, and his lips tilt in an enigmatic smile that tells her she is missing some important nuance.

An effervescent sensation rises in her stomach; she narrows her eyes against it and stares at her partner, frowning.

“There something you want to say?” Leaning back, he slides an arm over the top of the booth, watching her.

She wonders suddenly what he sees in her face. “If I wanted to say something, I would say it.” The tartness of the words surprises her, but Booth’s smile merely widens.

“Let’s split one of those giant chocolate chip cookies.”

A/N: Only a couple hours till The Dark Knight! :D

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"an effervescent sensation" I had to laugh at that; that's exactly how Brennan would have put it. Great job.

Oh, I want to see The Dark Knight sooo bad. Was it good? (but no spoilies, please!)

*g* I'm glad that sounded like her to you. Thank you!

I haven't watched Dark Knight yet; we're going to a 7:30 show. But I have heard it is awesome and dark. I seriously can't wait to see it.

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