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The Dark Knight
One word:  amazing. 

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I can't wait to see it! I have to wait until I'm back in the US, unfortunately. But I really want to. It'll be weird seeing Heath Ledger though and knowing that he's gone. Good to know it's good! I kind of knew it would be but I was still worried.

That made me make this face: :-D

I can't wait to see it!

I watched it today too, and it was really amazing. The Joker is fabulous.

The Joker was fab, but I thought the cast as a whole did a stellar job. I feel like I need to watch it again. *g*

I so want to see this but all my friends don't! Ugh.

If you have to, go see it alone. I can't guarantee anything, but I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you like superhero movies, and you don't mind some darkness, you will most likely enjoy The Dark Knight.

Oh, was it very very fabulous? Am loving your dark and moody theme in honour of the Bat btw :)

It was definitely very, very fabulous. :) If you enjoy superhero movies even a little bit and don't mind a touch of darkness and moral ambiguity + some action, you will most likely enjoy The Dark Knight. Have you seen Batman Begins?

Thanks. I was soooo excited for this movie that I had to slap together a new header. *g*

You've seen it!!!??? Spoil it for me, tell me if you know anything please, haha.
I've been waiting forever for this movie, still gotta wait till the 24th =[.

Wasn't it though?! I went to the midnight showing Thursday night, only to have the theater stop the movie 1/2 way through because the reel was put together wrong. I was so determined to see it that I went to a 3:15 am showing across town and went to work without any sleep. But it was soo worth it! The Joker was awesome, as was Harvey Dent at the end (in the beginning, his idealism was a little grating). I loved Gordon and Alfred in this one; they were absolutely top-notch! One of my favorite lines was at the end about the whole hero needed vs. the hero deserved. It definitely made me ponder for a minute. Love the new banner by the way.

Ahhhh!! I'm SO glad it was amazing! I'm very excited to see it now! :D

i saw this movie yesterday with my little brother and i LOVED IT!!!!! i clapped alot to hehehe:) christian bale and heath were sooo amazing!!!!!! i'm gonna go see it again next weekend hehehe:D

I was a huge fan of the last movie but this one really did blow me away. And confirmed this series of movies as some of the best filmmaking in a long time. It was impressive that they went to such dark places willingly and it does leave me wondering where the next movie will lead. Wondering in anticipation, of course :)

Came back to this post to comment now that I've seen. Wow. Saw it at an IMAX in FL on vacation and it blew me away. Christian Bale is beyond words and Maggie G. owned that part from her first second onscreen. And of course DH and I both think Heath L. will get an oscar nom if not the award. How tragic. Anywho, I agree with your succinct appraisal: amazing.

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