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I am such a sap.

Tonight after we watched a totally depressing Mexican movie called Sangre De Mi Sangre, I had the urge to reread Little Women.  The two are not remotely related.  When I was on IMDB earlier today looking to see what other movies Christian Bale had been in, I saw that he played Laurie in Little Women years ago.  How I did not know this, I don't know.  Anyway, that reminded me of how much I loved Jo/Laurie when I read Little Women eons ago.  They were probably my first ship, as I've mentioned before.  I really, really want to reread LW even though I know it will gut me all over again because Alcott has Jo marry that stupid professor, and Laurie winds up with Amy, but I don't think I own the book, and the bookstore's closed.  So I went looking for Jo/Laurie fanfiction, and reading some of it made me tear up.  

Yes, I am a total sap.  If anyone knows of someone who writes good Jo/Laurie, please tell me. 

ETA:  I just found Little Women online at Project Gutenberg.  *weeps*
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