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I am such a sap.
Tonight after we watched a totally depressing Mexican movie called Sangre De Mi Sangre, I had the urge to reread Little Women.  The two are not remotely related.  When I was on IMDB earlier today looking to see what other movies Christian Bale had been in, I saw that he played Laurie in Little Women years ago.  How I did not know this, I don't know.  Anyway, that reminded me of how much I loved Jo/Laurie when I read Little Women eons ago.  They were probably my first ship, as I've mentioned before.  I really, really want to reread LW even though I know it will gut me all over again because Alcott has Jo marry that stupid professor, and Laurie winds up with Amy, but I don't think I own the book, and the bookstore's closed.  So I went looking for Jo/Laurie fanfiction, and reading some of it made me tear up.  

Yes, I am a total sap.  If anyone knows of someone who writes good Jo/Laurie, please tell me. 

ETA:  I just found Little Women online at Project Gutenberg.  *weeps*

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Almost His

You might consider having some tissues handy.


There's Little Women fanfiction?

I have no idea re: the fanfiction, but know just what you mean re: Jo/Laurie. And, btw, you are going to weep about much less than this over the next few months.

Whilst pg with Joe I weeped over a dog adoption advert, at the old mutt left out in the rain, and stopped watching ER after sobbing for three hours over a horrible episode where some children fell from a window.

Pregnancy makes you cry, it's official!

The fact that Jo and Laurie didn't end up together is a travesty. They were made for each other. How on earth did he end up with AMY, of all people?! The Jo/Laurie travesty is the sole reason I haven't been able to bring myself to reread that book since I finished it as a girl. As melodramatic as it sounds, I simply couldn't stand seeing them with the people who wound being their partners. Usually I can tolerate other ships with ease; not so with Jo/Laurie. :(

And it didn't even occur to me that the weepiness could be a side effect of pregnancy! *blinks* That makes sense, as I generally don't cry very often. And that ER episode sounds horrid. I suppose I'll have to be more careful about what I read and watch for the next little while... *g*

my best girl friend has been pregnant four times -- it makes you weepy, horny, and STUPID. well, we just call it stupid. it's really more like absentminded. the baby sucks out your brain. so enjoy that. ;)

ha ha Great, so the baby can take what little is left of my brain. *g*

Yeah and you don't get it back!!! :P

Is there anyone alive who's read the book who wasn't a Jo/Laurie shipper?

*g* Surprisingly enough, yes. Apparently some people thought they were too much like brother and sister.

In a season 3 episode of FRIENDS called 'The one where Monica and Richard are just friends', you can see a great Joey reading 'Little women' his own way. Definitely everybody should watch it. ;)

[Scene: Central Perk, Chandler is watching Joey read Little Women, Ross is also there.]

Joey: These little women. Wow!

Chandler: Your liking it, huh?

Joey: Oh yeah! Amy just burned Jo’s manuscript. I don’t see how he could ever forgive her.

Ross: Umm, Jo’s a girl, it’s short for Josephine.

Joey: But Jo’s got a crush on Laurie. (Ross nods his head) Oh. You mean it’s like a girl-girl thing? ‘Cause that is the one thing missing from The Shining.

Chandler: No, actually Laurie’s a boy.

Joey: No wonder Rachel had to read this so many times.


I hated Friends, but that sounds like a pretty cute exchange! :)

Oh man, I'm still mad about Jo/Laurie, all these years later. It was bad enough that they didn't end up together, but what made it even worse was him ending up with that twit Amy. Grr.

Actually, Little Women wasn't the only Alcott book that made me mad. I very much enjoyed the sequel, Little Men (despite Jo and Laurie being married to the wrong people), but in the third book of the "trilogy," LMA broke my heart all over again by providing a noble-but-not-happy ending for one of my favorite characters from LM, Dan. *sigh*

Oh well. At least Anne and Gilbert got together...

I don't think I ever read the remaining books in the series; I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The death of Jo/Laurie and especially the birth of Laurie/Amy was too traumatic for me. I'm sure I missed out; I just couldn't move on to the other books.

Yes, Anne and Gilbert did end up together. :) There is that.

We watched Little Women in my English class last year. I've never gotten to read the book but I was so pulling for Jo/Laurie but everyone in my class was going the other direction.

If you get the chance, read the book. It's otherwise quite lovely. :)

Ack. ACK. Please not to be corrupting me. That is, please don't suck me into reading even *more* fanfiction, because I am ever so easily sucked in, and JO/LAURIE? I think I'm a goner. Original OTP.

And you even have links. Too ... easy. Can't ... resist.

Jo/Laurie = True love thwarted by a crazy author.

They were my first. *sigh*

LMA cut my heart out with a rusty spoon.

Almost His made me cry -- a lot. (Then again, I've been told it might be pregnancy hormones.) *g*

No, it's not pregnancy hormones - at least, it better not be, or I have some 'splainin' to do! I teared up when I read it.

Laurie/Amy. Really? Really? Now I'm indignant all over again. *sigh* LMA, you got that one wrong, I am sorry to say.

Ahem. Got something you'd like to share? ;)

Laurie/Amy was horrid and totally implausible. *is nauseated*

It broke my heart when Jo refused to marry Laurie, and I will never ever be able to stomach Laurie and Amy. :blech: I threw the book into the wall when I was reading it in elementary school. I also threw Jane Eyre into the wall when Jane's wedding got cancelled because of the wife in the attic. I did finish reading both, but I didn't say I liked the way they turned out. :grrrrr:

At least Jane and Mr. Rochester ended up together. Laurie married Jo's sister! Blech. As much as I otherwise loved Little Women, I was traumatized by the fates of Jo and Laurie -- especially Laurie. Just thinking about it upsets me. :(

You are so not a sap because I've done the same thing. They were probably my first ship, although they may be edged out of first by Anne and Gilbert, of "Anne of Green Gables" fame. So feel free to share any fic recs, because Jo/Laurie are an OTP for the ages.

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