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Blood Ties Wallpaper

I finished the Henry/Vicki scene wallpaper I was working on.

The wallpaper is from a scene in the episode titled Bad JuJu.

Vicki and Henry stop by Vicki’s office where Coreen has been digging for information on Voodoo. She has her results spread out on a table in front of her.

Transcript from

Coreen: You asked for Voodoo in 100 words or less? I’ve got a ton of stuff on curses, sympathetic magic, voodoo dolls, zombies.

Vicki: Is there anything on how to stop them?

Coreen: I’m still reading, but it looks like they’re pretty unstoppable.

Vicki: Yeah I was kinda getting that. Why isn’t it just like the movies where you have to bash their brains in?

Henry: Don’t trust the movies. Look what they did to vampires?

Vicki: Oh yeah, right.

Vicki imitates the Nosferatu movie, going towards Henry with her hands outstretched. He just looks at her in annoyance. She backs off and mouths an apology.

This bit of interaction between Henry and Vicki made me smile, and I loved the look of annoyance on Henry's face.

For the 1024 x 768 wp, please click HERE and then click on the image.

1. Don't hotlink.
2. Do not repost the wallpaper without my permission.
3. Feel free to use the wallpaper on your computer. :)

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