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Headed to Hawaii
We are headed to Hawaii in a couple hours.  So if I don't get a chance to check in while we're gone, I hope you all remain happy and healthy.  We'll be back on the evening of August 24th.

Also, Happy Birthday hugs and good wishes go out to dabhug (today), damnskippytoo (8/17),aily (8/18), & buffyangellvr23 (8/23). ♥

"See" you all soon.  Be well!

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I expect this'll miss you, but have a FABULOUS time!!!! ♥

Hawaii! Wow, so jealous! :) Have a wonderful, wonderful trip!

Bwah ha ha! Love your icon :D

Care of World Icons. It seemed appropriate! ;)

Have a great, wonderful time!!

Aww, have an amazing time! :D Stay safe! :)

Enjoy every moment - take care!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! Have a fabulous time!

Have an fan-tabi-dosie time!

have a safe trip there, a fun time on the beaches and a safe trip back!

Have a glorious holiday and thank you for the birthday wish. :D

Have a fun and safe trip! :)

Have a nice and safe trip ♥

I'm sure you're gone by now, but have an awesome, amazing, wonderful time! Stay safe and have fun! :D ♥

Have an amazing trip to Hawaii! Hawaii is a vast and amazing place where you can just be lazy and lay on the beach :)

Maybe i add a VERY belated Happy Birthday!!! I haven't been able to access my LJ as i've been away for a bit, sorry!
Hope you have a wonderful holiday!! ^_^

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