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Shipperific Meme
B/A (Yours) - lerdo
(Snagged from the intarwebs)

List your top seven ships.
1. Put all of them in order of your love for them.
2. Name their fandom.
3. Supply photos for said people.
4. Tag seven people 
Not tagging anyone; I don't like to irritate people unnecessarily.  Want to play?   Snag the meme. :)

Highbrow or lowbrow, I can ship them all.

Buffy/Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel: The Series) & Brennan/Booth (Bones):

[I adore them both equally; I can't choose one pairing over the other.]

Brenda/Jason (General Hospital):

[These two were hysterically funny.  They even had a "fake" marriage.  They bickered with the best of them, had no qualms about calling each other out on their shit, saw into each other in ways I don't think anyone else did, and would have set the world on fire if the sexual tension between them had been allowed to combust. 

I haven't watched GH in ages, but if Vanessa Marcil (the actress who played Brenda) ever returns, I'll be back, too, if only because of the tiny chance that the writers will seriously pursue Brenda/Jason.]

The rest of the ships are un-ranked:

Kara/Lee (Battlestar Galactica):

Kara and Lee are best friends with plenty of baggage; in other words, perfect for each other.


Anne/Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables series of books & movies):

The girl and boy next door.  What's not to love about these two?


Jo/Laurie (Little Women):

[One day when my heart can stand being broken again, I'll finally watch the movie version of Little Women.  Till then, I have memories of past heartbreak from reading the book when I was a little girl.]


Branca/Creegan (The US version of Touching Evil):

[This show was canceled before its time. :( These two have been compared to Mulder and Scully.]

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Jason/Brenda! While Brenda/Sonny will always have my heart, I did thoroughly enjoy the Jason/Brenda marriage. So hilarious and heartbreaking, what with her going "crazy" and all. Man, I used to love GH. I really dislike the current direction of the show but would tune in again in a heartbeat if Vanessa Marcil were to come back.

Brenda and Sonny were great, but I still prefer Brenda and Jason. Part of it is that I haven't been able to stand Sonny for a long time; they've turned him into such a self-absorbed, boring jerk. Well, I haven't watched in a while because GH is so consistently sucky now, but that's how he seemed to me when I last watched.

Jason/Brenda's wedding killed me, and their friendship just really grew on me. I still miss them. :(

Whenever I'm at the grocery store, I see VM on the covers of some of those soap magazines; they just like to tease us with the possibility of her coming back. Maybe it will actually happen at some point...

Wait, wait... Do you like "Anne of Green Gables"??? Seriously??? I didn't know it!!! I LOVE them for a long time, perhaps 20 years.
Anne/Gilbert was my second ship (the first was Han/Leia but this is other story) and the show is wonderful (btw the last film sucks) but I prefer the books. I love those books. I have read them so many times :D


Anne of Green Gables is wonderful. :) I haven't read the books in years, but I loved them. As for the movies/show, the only ones I've seen are Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea -- with Megan Follows as Anne. I'll have to reread the books. The Emily of New Moon books, also by LMM, were beautiful, too.

Han/Leia were awesome, too. I don't love them enough for them to be on this list, but they were great fun.

Nice meme!!

I loved Anne and Gilbert, I knew it was pure love since the first moment they started arguing and competing. ;)

These two have been compared to Mulder and Scully. --> I don't know who they are, but at first, when I didn't watch Bones, when someone compared B&B to M&S I got very annoyed, and now I use that to convince people they should watch Bones, it's so true!!! I might try this. ;)

Maybe I'll do this meme later, when I finish my to-do list at home.

Jo/Laurie!! *dies of the heartbreak*

I love that you can't separate between Buffy/Angel and Booth/Bones :)

I got tagged for this by ladysophiekitty so will be back later to do my own *g*

*grumbles about Jo/Laurie* That was just wrong. I will never forgive LMA for that.

I love that you can't separate between Buffy/Angel and Booth/Bones :)

I really can't. I'm not nearly as involved in Buffy/Angel fannish pursuits as I'm with Booth/Brennan, but I still love them.

*trundles off to look at your entry*

I love Buffy & Angel too, but never felt that gut-wrenching obsessiveness for them, so they fell just short of the list!

This meme was such fun to put together!

How much fun! *steals*

Also Anne/Gilbert! The ship of my chldhood!

This was very fun to do; glad you snagged it. :)

Also Anne/Gilbert! The ship of my childhood!


I have the Brenda/Jason marriage on DVD. It's hilarious. I would have loved those two had I been watching back then.

If I ever learn how to rip DVDs maybe you'd want that episode? Maybe I can figure it out and give it to you for like Christmas or something, lol.

Are you kidding? I would love you forever. *g* If I knew where to get their eps on dvd, I would totally do it. And yes, they were absolutely awesome. ♥

Nope, not kidding :) hee.

I have an illegal copy of the "Chasin' Jason" marathon SoapNet ran a couple years ago. It's got an ep for him and 6 of his major relationships: Robin, Carly, Liz, Brenda, Courtney and my Sam.

I can rip! I figured it out last night. But unfortunately I don't have the CJ DVDs here with me, they're at my mom's. But I'm going home this weekend so that's no biggie. I just gotta figure out how to split episodes up once I've rippred them instead of one long thing with X number of episodes one after the other, lol.

These two have been compared to Mulder and Scully.]

Really? I'm gonna take a look at this. Touching Evil is on a channel here, but too late at night.

Yes. :) I haven't watched them in years, but I think I have the eps saved on cds somewhere. I can upload them for you, if you'd like to watch them on your computer. Let me know if you're interested.

If it's not too much trouble for you, I'd like to watch them. Thanks!

Edited at 2008-08-29 02:33 am (UTC)

I adored Anne/Gilbert! ::hugs::

My list:

Booth/Brennan (Bones)
Mulder/Scully (X-Files)
Joel/O'Connell (Northern Exposure)
Boonie/K.C. (China Beach) (They were my favorite 'ship from that show, but my favorite character was Colleen McMurphy.)
Ross Poldark/Demelza Carne Poldark (Poldark: 1975 series, NOT the '96 movie.)
Jerry Seinfeld/Elaine Benson

Anne/Gilbert were eminently lovable. :)

I see you did the meme, too, so I'll take a look over in your journal.

Wow, does everyone like GH but I've just never known about it? :p

I loved the Jason, Sonny & Brenda days.

Wow, does everyone like GH but I've just never known about it? :p

*g* Well, I wouldn't say I like GH -- at least right now. I haven't watched in a while. But over the years, I've floated in and out. I just can't stand how the show became all about Sonny and the mob, and they just kept adding new characters without giving any of the already existing ones decent storylines. That said, I've liked it at certain points. And if Vanessa Marcil returned, I would totally tune in just to see what they did with Brenda.

Do you currently watch?

Booth and Brennan are at the top of my list, too. =]

Ah, yes. Little Women broke my heart, too. When Jo turned down Laurie! I think I cried. =\

Hm. Maybe I should go back and actually read the Anne of Green Gables books. I have Green Gables and Avonlea, and I started one but never finished it. I've heard they're very good.

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