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Shipperific Meme

(Snagged from the intarwebs)

List your top seven ships.
1. Put all of them in order of your love for them.
2. Name their fandom.
3. Supply photos for said people.
4. Tag seven people 
Not tagging anyone; I don't like to irritate people unnecessarily.  Want to play?   Snag the meme. :)

Highbrow or lowbrow, I can ship them all.

Buffy/Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel: The Series) & Brennan/Booth (Bones):

[I adore them both equally; I can't choose one pairing over the other.]

Brenda/Jason (General Hospital):

[These two were hysterically funny.  They even had a "fake" marriage.  They bickered with the best of them, had no qualms about calling each other out on their shit, saw into each other in ways I don't think anyone else did, and would have set the world on fire if the sexual tension between them had been allowed to combust. 

I haven't watched GH in ages, but if Vanessa Marcil (the actress who played Brenda) ever returns, I'll be back, too, if only because of the tiny chance that the writers will seriously pursue Brenda/Jason.]

The rest of the ships are un-ranked:

Kara/Lee (Battlestar Galactica):

Kara and Lee are best friends with plenty of baggage; in other words, perfect for each other.


Anne/Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables series of books & movies):

The girl and boy next door.  What's not to love about these two?


Jo/Laurie (Little Women):

[One day when my heart can stand being broken again, I'll finally watch the movie version of Little Women.  Till then, I have memories of past heartbreak from reading the book when I was a little girl.]


Branca/Creegan (The US version of Touching Evil):

[This show was canceled before its time. :( These two have been compared to Mulder and Scully.]
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