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happy things
Perfect Imperfections - unexpectedbox
+ Hugs and the best of Happy Birthday wishes go out to lovely kinseyjo.  I hope you're having a day filled with only good things, sweetie!

+ Happy Belated Anniversary to the ever-so-sweet tempertemper77, her darling D., and their two too-adorable-to-be-believed kidlets.  ♥

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thanks babe -- it was a great day! :)

happy anniversary tt! :)

Thanks K, and happy birthday to you! :)

(PS. God I love that icon!)

You're very welcome.

it was a great day!

Very happy to hear that. :)

Random crash: Have you seen the Graham Norton show that that icon moment came from? Hilarious!

Happy anniversary, TT, and happy birthday, Kinseyjo! I'm glad it was a great day. ^_^

Thank you sweetie!!!! *glomps you*

*smooches you* You are very, very welcome. :)

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