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First Lines Meme

Snagged from a2zmom , tempertemper , & lostakasha .

1.  Five vessels buffeted by winds dance on a storm-tossed sea:  tectonic plates shift and collide beneath their feet. - Destination Unknown [Fandom:  Bones]

2.  The front door clicked shut. - Possession [Fandom:  Bones]

3.  They haven’t talked about it yet – whatever it is they’re doing on the nights when she shows up on his doorstep with a bottle of wine in her hand and a promise in her eyes. - On Your Shore [Fandom:  Bones]

4.  It’s the third anniversary of their rescue from the bowels of the earth. - Lessons [Fandom:  Bones]

5.  Booth gets the call from Russ one Sunday morning as he’s sipping his first mug of coffee and reading the funny pages in the paper. - Fine [Fandom:  Bones]

6.  “So you’re seeing two guys, huh?” - Bubbly [Fandom:  Bones]

7.  “Sweetie, I have a favor to ask you,” Angela said, slanting her a quick glance before settling on the park bench and turning the stroller to face her. - Beyond Friendship

8.  Max presses a kiss to his daughter’s forehead and murmurs, “Thank you, honey.” - Recognition [Fandom:  Bones]

9.  With temperatures in the mid-90s, D.C. had morphed into hell. - Heaven or Hell [Fandom:  Bones]

10.  Jack slides from beneath Angela’s arm, escaping his dark bedroom. - Hemorrhage In My Hands [Fandom:  Bones]

11.  A week had passed; it was time.  - Understanding [Fandom:  Bones]

12.  They stare, eyes heavy with pity and expectation. - No Mercy, No God [Fandom:  Bones]

13.  It isn’t until she’s back home, alone, staring at her reflection in her own bathroom mirror, that Brennan smiles. - Mirror, Mirror [Fandom:  Bones]

14.  "If you knew what I know, you’d understand." - Unsaid, Unspoken [Fandom:  Bones]

15.  Three years of partnership, of sharing meals, rides, and post-case euphoria and grief, and Booth navigates her moods and expressions like he’s got a Temperance Brennan atlas. - Hiding [Fandom:  Bones]

16.  Temperance Brennan couldn't sleep.- What Would Happen If We Kissed? [Fandom:  Bones]

17.  A chill breeze slithers through Sunnydale Cemetary; the perfume of grief lies thick in Angel’s nose and mouth as his eyes sketch Buffy standing watch over her mother’s freshly-dug grave.  - Perfume [Fandom:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

18.  Mac admits he isn’t sleeping.  - The Weight of Water [Fandom:  CSI: NY]

19.  “I didn’t ask you your opinion of Dr. Brennan’s character." - Clean and Detached [Fandom:  Bones]

20.  It’s late when he stops by.  - Cast Some Light [Fandom:  Bones]

Not sure I see any patterns, but I'll ponder some more.  I'll come back and edit this if anything occurs to me.

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