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Another Blood Ties Wallpaper
I just uploaded another Henry/Vicki scene wallpaper.

This wallpaper is from a scene near the end of Blood Price, Part II. Henry and Vicki are discussing the marks that Astaroth left on Vicki's wrists and the fact that Vicki is a part of Henry because Henry fed from her.

For the 1024 x 768 wp, please click HERE and then click on the image.

1. Don't hotlink.
2. Do not repost the wallpaper without my permission.
3. Feel free to use the wallpaper on your computer. :)

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That's beautiful! Gorgeous colouring.

Thanks, Diana! It's fun manipulating the original coloring of the caps. :)

beautiful wallpaper

I was just remembering what has to be the funniest line of that entire show. In the episode where Henry is captured by that mad monk by way of Mike Celluci's jealousy and had that lock-thingy stuck on his chest to bleed him to death so the ex-monk can live forever, when Henry is released by Vickie and he catches the ex-monk and is dragging him down the hall. There is the scene where Henry is pulling the guy along the floor and saying "Bless us Oh Lord, and these thy gifts..." Good Catholic that I am, I say that prayer every evening - just before dinner! We laughed until we were half sick. A vampire, saying "Grace" before his dinner! Anyway, these brought it all back. Thanks.


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