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Bones Friendship - lerdo
I'm pretty psyched for tomorrow.  Why?  Because that's when Bones returns!

I know the show isn't perfect.  But if anyone else is feeling similarly excited, post some love here -- a favorite bit of dialog, a drabble, a screen cap, or whatever Bones-related thing makes you smile.

Anyone care to play?  :)


This is totally shallow, but I love this cap of Booth; it's from the pilot ep, and it's the first time (ever) we see him. It's from when he steps into the room where Brennan's being held after being picked up by airport security.

Well, it's a good enough reason for me!

Most things about Bones make me smile - I'm just happy it's coming back.

I'm actually more excited for next weeks episode though. Brennan dating two men at once is going to be quite interesting....

Me too! I'm prepared to cringe through the premiere and better enjoy ep 2/3 or whatever we're calling it ;)

Awww, great idea! :D

This will always be one of my favorite moments on the show. Actually, it is my favorite Booth/Brennan moment on the show between them so far. Everytime I see this scene, it just makes me so happy and gives me warm and fuzzy feelings. Not to mention, I think it symbolizes everything they are and could be.

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Ooooh, love this moment too! :)
Thanks for the picture! ♥

New promo picture is quite pretty:
Season 4

Also, I got a little writing done on my Bones/Dexter crossover today!

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Oh! Bones/Dexter xover? Color me excited!

One of my fav dialogues:

Booth: You know, Bones, I like to think that some place deep inside people really know what's important.
Brennan: It's hard to believe when you see women trying to disguise or change themselves. I never understood that.
Booth: Well, I mean... no, of course you wouldn't.
Brennan: (frowns) Why?
Booth: It's just, you know, someone who looks like... you... well, wouldn't. (Brennan stares at him.) Just because of the way you look.
Brennan: I don't understand. What... way do I look?
Booth: (stammers) Well, you know, you ... you're structured (takes a deep breath) very well.
Brennan: (smiles slowly) As are you.

I love how Booth realises he was thinking outloud and then he has to end the sentence but he doesn't really want to, because it would be too much saying. *g* "You're hot Brennan, he's telling you that you're *HOT*!!!" ;)

And this vid by geezbones that I find amazing. I watch it quite often

haha. I grin just reading the dialog. That's also one of my fav scenes :)

More of this:

and this:


Less of this:


And this:

OMG! I couldn't agree with this more!
I just wanna say a big fat DITTO!

Also, in honour of the trip to the UK, a more intriguing Psychiatrist - Booth moment:
WYATT: Do you mind if I ask what exactly it was that you did?
BOOTH: Yeah, I shot a truck.
WYATT: Ah, full of terrorist, no doubt? Or plutonium, or fleeing felons, was it?
BOOTH: No. It was an ice cream truck.
WYATT: Do you have a good reason for firing on it?
BOOTH: Yeah, the music… it was bothering me.
BOOTH: Yeah, there was a speaker in the clown's mouth.
BOOTH: Yeah, I just pulled out my gun, you know and (imitates gunshots). It was gone.
WYATT: So the FBI sent you to me, because you shot a clown?
BOOTH: Not a real clown!
WYATT: I suggest you cogitate on the underlying reasons you shot that clown while I make us some tea.
BOOTH: What? Cogitate? Tea?

Ha ha. Oh Gordon Gordon how we miss you.

LMAO. Gotta love Booth and his clown-killing spree :D

One of the many, many reasons why I love Booth & Brennan:

BARRON: Dr. Brennan could have burned the body hours later when you were safe at home.

JUDGE HADDOES: The witness will answer the question.

BOOTH: (to Brennan) That's a lot of heart, Bones.

BARRON: Your Honor-

JUDGE HADDOES: Answer the question please, Agent Booth.

BOOTH: Could Bones have killed Kirby? Temperance Brennan – I've worked with this woman. I've stood over death with her, I've faced down death with her. And Sweets, he's brilliant, he is, but he's wrong. She could not have done this.

BARRON: I didn't ask you your opinion of Dr. Brennan's character. I asked you, did she have time?

BOOTH: Yes. She had time.

*iz so excited had to come back just to SQUEEEE!*

I'm just ready for the show. Every little thing, I will enjoy. Because the weekend I've had....

Call me shallow, I don't care. More Booth, please.

And I definitely won't be calling you (or anyone else) shallow. *g*

I have a thing for season one if you can't tell, lol.

This is, thus far, a few sentences.

It's like one of those dreams you have where you wake up and don't know where you are. That's the feeling left in the pit of her stomach as his lips leave hers and he steps away. A wave of heat washes over her and she puts up her walls; she's far from alone in the room.

Whether it will grow up into a big girl fic or not is as of yet undecided. But I'm writing again! Not just Bones, but in general. And that makes me smile.

Sorry to butt in here, but I just wanted to say that I love the description in your couple of sentences and would definitely read it if it grows into a big girl fic! :)

BOOTH: Well, because sometimes, if you win, you end up with somebody else's pain and screwed-up life. You work for the FBI, you should know that.

SWEETS: Must be a challenge for you to access those feelings.

BRENNAN: Okay, stop. You don't know Booth. You don't know me, you have a limited view of us based on superficial data you've accumulated on a standardized questionnaire, and a subjective analysis from talking to us that is not at all scientific, so back off.

SWEETS: Just trying to help.

BRENNAN: By questioning his humanity?

BOOTH: Okay, Bones, now you're going a little bit overboard. He's just a kid. Right? I mean, the worst thing that's probably ever happened to him was he lost at Mortal Kombat.

SWEETS:Are you normally this protective of him, Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN: We are partners. Our lives depend on being protective of each other.

SWEETS: And you feel the same way, Agent Booth?

BOOTH: Sweets, I can only hope that one day you know what a real partnership is.

SWEETS: You two are very close, that was evident in your superficial, standardized questionnaire and my unscientific observations.


SWEETS: You complement each other.

BOOTH: No, she never compliments me. Did you compliment me in the questionnaire?

BRENNAN: "Complement," not "compliment." "Ple." He means that we complete each other, as a team.

BOOTH: Yeah, right.

SWEETS: Now, we've got a lot to work on over the next few months.

BRENNAN: Meaning we get to stay together?


BOOTH: I'm sensing a "but."

SWEETS: However,

BRENNAN: It's the same as "but."

SWEETS: I have observed some underlying issues that need to be addressed.

BOOTH: Issues?

SWEETS: Yes. There's clearly a very deep emotional attachment between you two.

BOOTH: We're just partners.

SWEETS: And why do you think I would have thought otherwise?

BOOTH: 'Cause you're 12.

BRENNAN: Don't read into anything that Booth said. We're professionals. There's a line that doesn't even need to be there.

BOOTH: Not at all, I mean, if there were no more murders, I would probably not even, you know, see her.

BRENNAN: That's very true.

BOOTH: Might have coffee.

BRENNAN: Probably not.

BOOTH: What?


BOOTH: You wouldn't even have coffee with me?

BRENNAN: Well, in your scenario, we wouldn't even know each other because there are no murders.

BOOTH: Were. I said "no more murders."

BRENNAN: Then fine. I mean, we could have a coffee. So that's clear, then? I mean, we'd have coffee and that's our relationship? Coffee.

BOOTH: Yeah, let's move on.

I love this scene :)

I LOVE Diner scenes. All of them.



lol sorry for the caps. diner scenes are my favorite :)

Car scenes, baby! I LOVE the car scenes. (except for the Pacifier scene [see above] in TBitB.)

I'm just SO excited our show's back and I'm really excited to see all the banter and fun and all of our squints back in action! :)

As for Bones love - my mom and I have been re-watching some old episodes lately to get our fix and the other night we watched Woman in the Car, which has some good moments in it:

Booth: We're looking for an abandoned gas station or a mechanic's shop off the grid. You know, you guys are geniuses.
Zack: How do we find that?
Booth: I work for the FBI, you idiot.
Hodgins: Way to go, Zack. We went from geniuses to idiots in three seconds.

lol so funny :) (Zack was hilarious in this episode in several spots, btw)

Decker: Paladin. Tell Donovan paladin.
Cullen: Paladin, defender of the faith, protector. Suits you Booth.

Plus many, many other moments. I could go on and on really.

Season 4 tomorrow!!! *squeeeeee!* :D