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Screencaps for The Wire (Season 4, Episode 1)
Screencaps of The Wire are few and far between, so I decided to start capping. It's a FANTASTIC show that my husband and I just recently started watching; we finished the 4th season this weekend.

[x] Cap Number : 3328 caps
[x] Cap Size : 512 x 383 pixels

Please comment and credit when taking or using; I'd love to know if anyone's getting any use out of these caps! Thank you.

I've split the caps into two archives; they can be decompressed using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

Download links:
Part I
Part II

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Season 5...

Okay, Season 5 was supposed to be 13 episodes, but was later shortened to 10 episodes. David Simon, the creator said that season 5 will be about the media and consumers of media. The theme will be about the stories get told and the ones that don't and why it is that things stay the same. Journalism modeled after The Baltimore Sun will be a major focus. Profits and the decrease in the number of reporters will be an issue along with the end of people caring about news quality. He also said that no theme seemed substantial enough to warrant a 6th season (bull!!). Except possibly the large influx of Latinos into Baltimore. Simon said that since no writer on the show spoke Spanish or had any intimate knowledge of the city's Latino population, the field work would be too time consuming.

Season 5 is expected to premiere in the first quarter of 2008. The debut date should be january 6th or so.

Simon stated that Detective Sydnor is the only character who remains morally clean at the end of the show, but not perfectly since "after all, this is The Wire". He also made references towards a possible run by Mayor Carcetti for governor, continuing to mirror former Baltimore Mayor Marty O'Malley. The main setting for Season 5 will be the media and a main theme will be homelessness.

Me and my buddy were on the set all summer and we chilled with Method Man, some corner boys, Carcetti, McNulty, Slim Charles, Donut and Michael. I got some inside info on Marlo too but I won't share it unless you ask. Well, it is KINDA inside info. It was fun hanging out on the set and everybody was real accessible (except Carcetti who was acting like he was the REAL mayor). My buddy is the head of security down there. I went to the wrap-up picnic. We had a ball. camdenchip@netzero.net


It IS hard to find Wire screencaps. Thanks for making these available.

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