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B/B Touch - lerdo

So.  Very.  Pretty. 

I'm such a sucker for these two.  Look at them looking at each other.  That's all I've got tonight.

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They are quite beautiful.


I'm boycotting next week's episode only because Cesar Milan is in it... I can't believe they are implicitly promoting him...

*end rant*

I too thought Em was looking especially beautiful in the hair/makeup department tonight.

And David... well he is always hot. :)


ED looked so beautiful :)

That end scene with them was just amazing. Something needs to happen soon.

The moment in Sweet's office was amazing :D They are adorable! =

*Points to comment* yes, yes, yes, yes!

yeah, I could definitely get used to seeing her in the makeup and gorgeous dresses *le sigh*
*thinks of end scene.dies.iz ded.*

*dies of suspense*

This is what Ali said too... DLing later!!

I feel like this whole episode was really pretty. Just the coloring in certain scenes and obviously Emily's makeup and outfit at the end. And that ending scene... ::swoon:: :)

terrific episode.

ED looked wonderful - hair and make-up never better, and much, much, improved from Season 3. I especially liked her dress in the last scene - gorgeous.

Things are really starting to bubble and boil, relationship wise. Can't wait to see what bubbles up between them.

Not seen it yet!! DLing tonight after work (shush)... but you know me, never heeded a spoiler warning!

OMG, look at them *dies of the love*

Tonight episode is made of win and Emily look extra beautiful tonight. Amazing make up and hair

She was stunning at the end.

My review just went up.

I just watched the ep, and I'm still fangirl-flying.

I knew this show couldn't get worse!! It was impossible, on the other side.

These two love each other so much!!!

And Brennan's eyes while her date with Jason? I need an icon with that moment. *goes open PS*

Will babble for a while.

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