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Booth/Brennan wallpaper from The Man in the Outhouse
B/B Mirror Mirror on the Wall - lerdo




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You're welcome! :) I understand about the never having time to fully get into things-that's how it is for me lately too (*school grumble grumble*).

You watched! Yay! I don't know exactly what they're doing with Sweets, and who knows why he was at the autopsy, but I guess otherwise he wouldn't have many scenes...? I did think it was funny though when Sweets called Brennan hot and there was that kinda awkward silence with B+B looking at him like 'what???' lol

I did like the episode, but the case just didn't seem to be all that strong to me. I dunno. It just was a bit predictable-the jealous ex-boyfriend did it?! But I did like the B/B bantering stuff and the end scene was lovely ♥

What about you?

btw-I seem to have picked up using the word 'lovely' a lot from you ;)

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