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Bones Double Drabble: The Real Thing (#82 in ATLBU)

Title: The Real Thing
Brennan, Booth
Word Count:
Post-ep for 4x03: The Man in the Outhouse.
For 4x03:  The Man in the Outhouse.
Notes: This isn't a song fic, but it's inspired by Winter, a song by Joshua Radin.
Feedback is so very precious.  When I say that I'm thankful for every comment you leave, I mean it.  Thanks for remembering there's a human being on the other side of every story.

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The Real Thing

After a dinner of bean curd with vegetables (Brennan’s choice) and chicken with broccoli, Booth drives Brennan home. 

A curl of dark hair kisses her cheek as she turns her head to look at him, one hand on the door handle.  “Thank you, Booth.”

“Forget it.”  He waves away her thanks. 

The ghost of a smile caresses her lips, and suddenly he wants very much to kiss her.  “I won’t,” she says, stepping out of the truck. 

“Don’t worry; there’s someone out there for you.”

“How can you be so sure?” she says through the window.

 “Some things you just know.”  He shrugs.  “Anyway, a woman like you won’t be alone long,” he adds.   

For a moment, she looks like she’s going to speak, but then she just shakes her head.  “Good night.”

“Night, Bones.”

The door closes, and Booth watches his partner walk away from him, her silky black dress floating around her legs as her heels click along the sidewalk.  He waits till the light near her window winks on before he leaves.

Sweets is wrong; there’s nothing surrogate about their relationship.

Besides, everything happens eventually – all the good stuff.  You just have to be ready for it. 
Tags: all that lies between us, bones, bones: fic, fic

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