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Bones: The Finger in the Nest
Bone Lady - lerdo

I loved this episode.  Absolutely loved it.  I'm not ready to dissect it and examine all the reasons why just yet; I just want to bask in the glow.  Of the eps that have aired so far this season, The Finger in the Nest is my favorite, without question.  It was just great all around.

OK, so just a few minor things and that's it for now:

- DB/Booth looked damned good in this episode.
- "That's somebody's home."  If I wasn't already pregnant, the Booth/Parker scenes would have made my ovaries twitch.
- The ending scene of this ep had echoes of Brennan/Booth's visit to Christine Brennan's grave.
- Hodgins needs some love.  So glad to see that he's struggling with what happened with Zack and with Angela. 
- Booth and Brennan's interaction felt a bit more subtle and even real than it's been at times; I thought it was perfect and unforced.

Sometimes this show is pure magic.

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I absolutely agree. I think it had the old Bones feel. I love Brennan admitting her issues "I staged my own death." Literally, had me laughing so hard!

But DB did look gorgeous, especially in the opening scene. And I agree with B/B, they felt so.. natural with each other. And the hug just seemed so genuine (like in 2x10 or 3x13) - not forced at all.

Lastly, Hodgins. I'm glad he said he hated everyone and not that he missed Zack and Angela. It showed he did have anger in him and that he's hurt. It showed true emotion.

I loved this episode possibly the most.

Not to mention mini!Booth is more adorable then ever. I want to pinch his cheeks! How is it possible that that little boy is so cute?

(Deleted comment)
Definitely felt more season one-ish to me as well. I <3 that.

I am loving your episode reviews :)

I totally agree with DB/Booth looking really good in this episode. When he was in the park with Parker and then the end scene I just melted.

The ending scene of this ep had echoes of Brennan/Booth's visit to Christine Brennan's grave.
I was thinking that also. Booth comforting her and her realizing things.

I loved this episode. Bones can just be on the button (like tonight) and sometimes not so much (like Yanks in the UK.)

I think each subsequent episode has managed to show just how much crap was the premiere.
But tonight's ep was nail on the head. Just really well written, how it finally incorporated some effin' continuity. Loved all the parts you pointed out.
Although I think there was a blur of lines between Temperance/Emily at times... but it wasn't totally OOC with the vegi-Brennan of recent past. And who says David is the only one who can bring some "real life" into his character?
This ep has really boosted my optimism level up several notches... two thumbs up. :)

I thought it was perfect and unforced.

That says it all about this episode right there. Even Sweets seemed real. I loved it.

Sometimes this show is pure magic.

How right are you?

I'm not a dog person, but what happened in this episode was so sad and touching.

I love Brennan feeling like having a pet or being loving and playful with dogs, but the thing that it's like sudden after more than 3 years... It's not that I think it's OOC, but it would have been great if we had any reference to it from the past. Or at least anything more that we already had seen.

Scully also had a dog and lost it, and there's a scene too of her with the tag and the name 'Queequeg', this ep brought that back to me.

I *SO* have to make an icon of Brennan holding Brando with the text "B&B".

Booth being supportive is to die for. And he's hot. :)

Edited just to fangirl-y change the icon.

Edited at 2008-09-18 07:52 pm (UTC)

>>- The ending scene of this ep had echoes of Brennan/Booth's visit to Christine Brennan's grave.
I said the same exact thing to a friend of mine.

And it showed just how much she's evolved since then.

I loved this episode. More than anything,I loved the way it showcased Brennan's character development from Season 1.

she's becoming a warm, wonderful person. I like her more each episode. Oh, Brennan. :-)

You know, B's always liked animals. She's always been good with animals. Season 1, she brought a bloodhound on the case to sniff out a body under concrete, and was very good to the dog. In Season 2, she talked about wanting a pet pig - and booth gave her a surrogate. in Season 2, also, she knew just what to do to get a dog away from a crime scene. In Season 3, she indicated her vegan leanings, and here we are in Season 4, and she's interested in a dog - and not just any dog: a dog that reminds her of Booth, but who's been exploited and manipulated, like Zach.

Maybe they should cast another character: a dog for Brennan. :-)

I'm a little glowy myself from this one ...

-DB was super hot, I must agree. The dad side of him makes me all gooey inside
-the dog-fighting made me sick and I'm glad this evilness got more exposure
-I cried a lot at the end ... and hugged my dog
-The most unforced and real B/B interaction this year - loved it
-Hodgins dealing with Zack and the breakup was much-needed, I felt like I was finally getting therapy

Definitely reminded me why I love this show ...

I agree. And I am so glad. I was getting kind of worried.

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