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Bones: The Finger in the Nest

I loved this episode.  Absolutely loved it.  I'm not ready to dissect it and examine all the reasons why just yet; I just want to bask in the glow.  Of the eps that have aired so far this season, The Finger in the Nest is my favorite, without question.  It was just great all around.

OK, so just a few minor things and that's it for now:

- DB/Booth looked damned good in this episode.
- "That's somebody's home."  If I wasn't already pregnant, the Booth/Parker scenes would have made my ovaries twitch.
- The ending scene of this ep had echoes of Brennan/Booth's visit to Christine Brennan's grave.
- Hodgins needs some love.  So glad to see that he's struggling with what happened with Zack and with Angela. 
- Booth and Brennan's interaction felt a bit more subtle and even real than it's been at times; I thought it was perfect and unforced.

Sometimes this show is pure magic.

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