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Fringe Ficlet: Unraveling
Peter & Olivia Bench
Title:  Unraveling
Fandom:  Fringe
Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Through 1x02:  The Same Old Story
Scene filler for 1x02:  The Same Old Story.  Olivia introspection and Peter/Olivia friendship (or more) -- depending on what color glasses you're wearing.
Word Count: 300
Fringe and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.

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“Why don’t you tell her that everything’s going to be OK?” Olivia snaps at Peter, and feels the recoil of her words reverberate through her body, even as she stalks away. 

It’s not his fault.


Sneaking off to shabby motels with creaky beds, sharing sidelong glances heavy with a meaning she’d believed only two people could decipher, she’d grown used to those secrets and lies, even felt a little thrill. 

Now she examines the classified file of her love life and tries to make the jagged-edged pieces fit into some kind of pattern. 

I love you. 

Surrounded by a park full of people, Olivia feels how very alone she is, and wonders:  was any of it more than a lie?

Peter sits.  “Hey.”

“I’m sorry about the lab.  I don’t usually…”


“…lose control.”

“To tell you the truth, it was kind of a relief.  You’ve been so together with everything that’s going on, I was starting to develop an inferiority complex.”

In spite of herself, she smiles.  If Peter only knew…  But thankfully, her skin isn’t crystalline and transparent; some secrets still remain her own.

“Knowing that Walter’s work is responsible for all those murders -- I just want you to know that you’re not alone here.”

Then again, maybe the bad-boy genius with the mad scientist father sees more than she’d like.  And maybe he understands, just a little.

“Listen”—his fingers graze the top of her hand, and something inside her contracts as she struggles to keep her expression neutral.  “I can’t believe that I’m about to propose this, but I think we’ve actually figured out a way to track down that psycho.”

“How?” she asks, shutting the door on her emotions and becoming Agent Olivia Dunham once again.

There is more than one pattern to uncover.
A/N:  Thanks for reading. :)

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Fringe! I am in love with Fringe.

I think I may be the only person on the planet who refers to 'Peter' as 'Peter' and not 'Pacey.' Bu that's cool or whatever.

Love the sardonic little bit about crystallized skin. Poor Olivia, her hangup on Scott is really going to get complicated.

It's a pretty cool show. I have to say, I'm enjoying the hell out of it so far.

I've seen a few Dawson's Creek eps, but I never really got into it, so for me at least, JJ's Peter and not Pacey in Fringe. *g*

Yeah, I don't think Olivia's having an easy time of it. :(

Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you liked the bit about her skin.

They just started trailing this over here - will have to read when I've seen it! Hubby and I always laugh unnecessarily whenever the ad comes on, because a fringe is also 'bangs' over here. I'm always wondering why the girl doesn't have any LOL!

hahahhaha Then that means I just wrote a ficlet about bangs. *g* That's a definite first for me.

I wonder if you'll like the show; I'm finding it pretty neat so far.

(Deleted comment)
Such a great scene! And I have almost no means of catching Olivia's voice so thanks for doing that for me ;)

Thank you! I'm glad this didn't seem like a totally unbelievable voice for Olivia. :)

You have a really good grasp of the characters voices here. That is, with as little as we know about them. I really like Olivia here. Fringe is definitely growing on me and fics like yours are a big part of why.

It's a fun show, and since it's still so early, there are many, many directions in which things could go.

Thank you for letting me know what you thought of this; I appreciate it.

Now you're writing Fringe fic! That means I'm going to have to keep watching!

Good job. These characters need a little more insight, a little more development (I can only hope that happens as the series goes on) and you're just the right person for that.

*g* You are very sweet, D.

It's still so early in the show; they have a lot of directions and depths they could pursue. I'm enjoying Fringe so far. It's fun.

Fringe just captured me from the first few moments of the show and this fic is just lovely! Although I'm sure that there will eventually be a Peter/Olivia push in the future, right now, I'm just so content with the idea that these two will be great friends.

Loved this:
“To tell you the truth, it was kind of a relief. You’ve been so together with everything that’s going on, I was starting to develop an inferiority complex.”
I could just hear his voice!

Great to read this, Lerdo! I'll have to catch up on your Bones fics from the past few weeks. I'm afraid I've been terribly behind on keeping up with fic lately! Again, this was a lovely piece. ♥

Glad to find another Bones AND Fringe fan! It's a fun show, and I really like it so far. As for Peter and Olivia, I don't ship them romantically -- at least not yet -- but I don't doubt that there will be a "push," as you said. ETA: OK, so I think I ship them a little bit *g*, but it's way too soon. She's been dealt a huge blow with John's death and the discovery of his betrayal. Her world's completely off its axis. So I am quite happy to just see her interacting with Peter, Walter, and Charlie.

I am laughing my ass off at the fact that you quoted the bit that you did, because I can't take any credit for it all -- all the dialogue is taken verbatim from 1x02. *g* Sorry, perhaps I should make a note of that...

Thank you for reading this, nonetheless. :) And hey, I know all about being behind on reading; As Empty as the Inside of Me is on my TBR list.

Hope things are good on your end; I get the sense that you've been pretty damned busy lately. *hugs*

Edited at 2008-09-24 10:24 pm (UTC)

WHOOHOO! Fringe has fed the fic need in me, and as always you don't dissapoint. I wish I wasn't so disallusioned with BONES to surf through your works for that fandom. I do adore your oneshots though, and Ihope you continue to do Olivia and Peter justice.


Thank you for leaving me such a lovely comment -- here and at FF.net. You made my day. ♥ I can certainly understand why you feel disillusioned by Bones. Unfortunately, that's not exactly an uncommon sentiment!

I'm really enjoying Fringe so far; it's an entertaining show. Walter, in particular, is great fun. *g*

Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment on this. I sincerely appreciate it.

Glad you liked it. :) Many thanks for commenting.

Fringe fic! I love you.

Also, 'archive of our failure' has always been my favourite line from 'Black & White'.

*g* Thank you very much. :)

It's a great line -- and a gorgeous song.

FRINGE. I am so glad you are watching it. It is one of my new favorite shows. I like Lost so the style of J.J. Abrams is very unique style and not a lot of people like it.

But thankfully, her skin isn’t crystalline and transparent; some secrets still remain her own.

Great line and showed a note on the case. :D

Fringe is fun. I have to say that I'm getting quite a kick out of it so far. :)

Glad that sentence worked for you. Thanks for letting me know that.

This was really very well written and I like the way you depicted that scene pretty well, got inside of her head and was dissecting her love-life just a bit. Already, I like what I'm seeing between Peter/Olivia - both ways. :)

I'm happy you thought I did a decent job of getting inside Olivia's head here. The character's clearly grappling with a lot right now...

Thanks for taking a moment to read and comment on this. I really appreciate it.

Very nice! I loved how you portrayed them here. :)

Thanks very much. I'm glad this seemed "like them" to you.

That whole "I love you thing" really got to me, so I'm glad you addressed it here. I just can't trust anything he said, and I think there are ulterior motives everywhere, for everything, so it can't be what it seems. I love her angsting over it here, but she's looking for another sort of meaning altogether, I think.

Great character vignette!

I'd venture to say that nothing really makes much sense to Olivia right now, given the personal and professional events that have recently occurred in her life. She's spinning like a top and trying to figure out how everything fits together...

I'm happy this worked for you. Thanks for reading and feeding. :)

Yay, I'm so glad you're starting to write some Fringe fanfic because good fanfic is already so hard to find and then because the show is new it's virtually impossible to find good Fringe fanfic. You get a cookie AND a glass of milk. :)

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