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Bones Macro
Booth Eyebrow Waggle
Characters:  Booth, Brennan
Image from The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond.
Rating: PG-13 for slight suggestiveness.
Image Source:  dj_capslock 

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OMG - you di'int!
I sooooooooo ♥ it!!
That scene was awesome!
Can't wait to hear TT's squee when she sees! lol

*sigh* I did. Just couldn't resist. :P They're so silly and squishable.

(Deleted comment)
She totally was, and he totally is. *g*

(Deleted comment)

Thanks, I needed something to make me feel better this morning - stupid cold.

Aww... Hope you're feeling better now. Glad this gave you a chuckle, though. :)


My initial reaction was "no, she didn't!"

But you did! LOL

Perhaps I shouldn't have, but I did. *g*

OMG! *dies laughing*

DLing now!!!!

*smooch* Happy this gave you a good laugh. Now watch the ep!

Ha! This is so funny. Well done.

As I watched this scene last night, I was thinking: "Somewhere out there, a fangirl/boy is making something VERY good out of this scene." Congrats on being the one!

Well, I don't know how good this was, but it was definitely silly. :D Glad it made you laugh!

ROFL. I knew somewhere in this world someone would make a macro out of that moment.

It was too good to pass up. :)

Here's my Brennan moment for the evening. In all seriousness...I don't know what that means.


Deflowering = taking a person's virginity. In my twisted mind, Brennan was wearing a strap-on and was *ahem* divesting Booth of his virginity.

Did that make things a little clearer?

Yes. Thank you!

I literally was like "I understand the words but not their meaning" since I KNOW all the words and was...well, my mental process was like, "But...how is there a taking of virginity? They're clothed so that doesn't make sense...and they're fully visible in the office... Okay...different approach. She's doing an adjustment that really does feel great so it's not like... Um...then is the point that Booth has never had a chiropractic adjustment before? Because I am pretty sure they HAVE said before or shown before that he HAS had...possibly from Brennan...though that could have been fanfic or another show... I'm just going to have to ask."

I even read all the comments first for a clue, and I was just stymied by my own literalness. ...There are REASONS I love Brennan (and Zack) so very much....

Oh...but I DID get (and this is serious points for me in terms of "getting" something) the omg-sexy aspect of the full body contact with her arms wrapped around him and her fingers touching his face (was very proud of self for seeing/getting that aspect) and Booth's "I'm not sure this is a good idea" response to same. I think that Brennan was mostly very practical and rational about, "This will HELP," but even *I* noticed that she did catch on that it was a very sexually-charged moment. I just think it took her getting into the position to catch that as she was helping. (I could be over-identifying there, but I doubt that I'd have realized it at first since the idea was to adjust what was bothering him.)

I'm also enjoying her having figured out how to PLAY with Booth, how to tease and taunt him back in slightly more subtle ways than she used to be able to; she's so much more aware of and comfortable with the details and nuances of HIM and of how to play with those and I'm loving that.

Edited at 2008-09-26 09:39 am (UTC)

LOL love it! ♥ :) *g*

Hey, you. *smooch* Thanks for indulging my goofiness.

hilarious! I must admit, I was so tired when I watched the episode that I didn't really get it.

Second viewing revealed the B/B goodness that I'd missed first time 'round.

OMG, that is TOO FUNNY!

I'll wish you Happy holidays, while I'm here! Don't know if you'll see that post I made in my journal saying as much. *hugs*

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