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Bones drabble: Deep Thoughts (1/1)
Title: Deep Thoughts (drabble)(1/1)
Characters: Brennan, Booth
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None really
Notes: It's just another day at the Jeffersonian. B/B. Drabble. Fluff.

"So what have we got, Bones?"

As she leaned over and pointed at the bones, her scoop-necked blouse shifted. Lacey black bra. Nice.

"The short pubic bone, narrow sciatic notch, and small pelvic inlet suggest the victim was male." A quick glance at him. "What are you grinning about?"

He wondered how she'd react if he told her he wanted to take her on one of her empty examination tables. Probably more truth than even his blunt partner was ready to hear. "Nothing," he said, still grinning as he tossed his Jeffersonian badge in the air and then caught it.

I welcome any kind of feedback, positive or negative.

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Lol... very cute. Though, of course, I *would* be interested in how' she'd handle that. Huh. I don't think ANYONE has a great enough understanding of Brennan's character to figure that one out.

Actually, I think there are at least a couple plausible ways she'd react. I'll have to think about doing a follow-up. ;)

Thanks for reading and feeding. :)

LOL, this is short but so them.

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