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VP Debate
If you're American (or not American, but interested in/frightened by U.S. politics), please watch the VP candidate debate tonight at 9:00 pm EST -- regardless of your party or candidate affiliation.  We can't afford to be apathetic.


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I am so excited to watch the debate. It seems like it will be very interesting.

I think it's certainly worth watching.

meh. but i'll be tuned in, I'm sure.

I'm not sure what you mean by "meh," but I'm glad you'll be watching.

I'm just not interested/excited by politics. I know it's important and I should care, therefore I will watch.

Ah, got it. Thanks for clarifying.

(Deleted comment)
Your icon is too much. *g*

Oh, I love your icon.

I'll be watching. And drinking.

I'll be watching. And drinking.


Will definitely be watching! (and crossing my fingers nervously/debating, yelling, or exasperatedly talking with the TV) *g*

Slightly stressed about it though (seeing what the reaction is to it). But it is an important election, not to mention that this debate will be incredibly interesting :)

Are you kidding? I've been looking forward to watching this debate for weeks. :)

Like most, I feel it will be interesting. And, quite possibly, highly entertaining. (Or maybe that's just the darker side of my sense of humor making an appearance. lol)

We'll be flipping back and forth between the debate up here in Canada and the one in the US.

I'm sure Palin/Biden will be waaaay more entertaining, though :)

Debate then Bones! Fun night for me :)

yep - watching both the Canadian leaders debate and the U.S. debate. Too bad I don't have DVR!

I did watch it last night along with the Canadian one. Being Canadian I have to admit that I don't know as much as I should about American politics. And I say 'should' because whatever events take place in American have an undeniable affect on us. So I did take the time to watch some of it. It was very interesting. I can't say who I thought did a better job, being as ignorant as I said, but it definitely was worth watching. You have no idea how I agree with your statement that we really need to stop being apathetic. I have too many classmates to count who don't plan on voting on October 14 and I'm devastated. So I appreciated your encouraging people to take an interest.

That anonymous post above, that was me. Wasn't logged in I guess. I'm a dunce when it comes to LJ, sorry.

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