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Happy Birthday, a2zmom!!!
Huge hugs and birthday wishes go out to a2zmom , who is an all-around fabulous person, in addition to being a thoughtful and loving mom.  I think there's a decent age difference between us, but I told someone a while ago that a2z is one of my woman-crushes.  If I can someday be a tenth of the human being she is, I'll consider myself very fortunate.

She's been working insane hours recently because of the credit crisis; I hope she's able to enjoy her day, read some Buffy/Angel fic, listen to some good music, and do whatever else makes her happy. 

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I sent you a message a2zmom but just wanted to second all of the above! :D

I you're girl crush? My life is now complete! (Seriously though, Charisma Carpenter, much sexier. and a much better ass.)

Thank you sweetie!

*g* Ha! Asses come and go; character lasts.

You're very welcome. *smooch*

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