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Tin Man Drabble: Torn

Title: Torn
Characters: Cain, DG
Rating: PG/K
Word Count: 100 (drabble)
Spoilers:  If you've watched the entire series, it's safe to read this.
Summary:  Annuals weathered inside a tin prison, and still, there are things Cain's never forgotten. Cain/DG & Cain/Adora drabble.
Disclaimer: Neither Tin Man nor its characters belong to me. No copyright infringement is intended.
A/N: So I finally watched Tin Man. It’s my first time scribbling anything in this fandom; hopefully I didn’t crash and burn!
Feedback is always treasured. Thanks to all who read & comment or read & lurk.

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During the annuals spent inside his tin prison, Cain struggled to forget his own stench and remember the smell of rain-wet grass.

But he’d never forgotten the whisper of Adora’s skin under his fingertips -- never forgotten everything about her that said, “Woman.”

“Kid,” he calls DG. It’s a pathetic defense against what he knows: behind those wide eyes is a woman. The body that leans against his for a second’s comfort belongs to a woman. The heart that’s heavy with guilt for things that can’t be undone belongs to a woman.

Cain fears he belongs to two women now.


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ooooooooh, I like it. Very much.

Tin Man! Oh, DG...

Danke! :)

I ♥ your Angela icon. Such a cutie.

Tin Man and Cain/DG are love.

*digs out her DVD*

I enjoyed the miniseries very much. :)

Awwww, you wrote about Tin Man ♥
I really like it. Thanks!!

Yup, I'd been meaning to watch it for months, and I finally got around to it. :)

Thanks for commenting. Glad you liked it.

THANK you for writing a DG/Cain story that acknowledges that he still loves his first wife! I constantly find myself fandom-frustrated because of the idea that just because Adora's dead doesn't mean he's over it!

I'm not against DG/Cain, per se, but if it happens, it won't be an immediate thing. It might take years.

I've barely read anything in the Tin Man fandom so far, but it would shock me if people thought otherwise re: Cain/Adora. And granted that I'm hardly an expert on Tin Man, but it seems to me that Cain's love for Adora and Jeb is a huge part of his character. You're right; you don't just "get over" your spouse or partner because they're dead. :(

I'm not against DG/Cain, per se, but if it happens, it won't be an immediate thing. It might take years.


Thanks for reading and commenting.

Wow! That was short and yet so totally awesome!!!!

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