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Tin Man Drabble: Torn

Title: Torn
Characters: Cain, DG
Rating: PG/K
Word Count: 100 (drabble)
Spoilers:  If you've watched the entire series, it's safe to read this.
Summary:  Annuals weathered inside a tin prison, and still, there are things Cain's never forgotten. Cain/DG & Cain/Adora drabble.
Disclaimer: Neither Tin Man nor its characters belong to me. No copyright infringement is intended.
A/N: So I finally watched Tin Man. It’s my first time scribbling anything in this fandom; hopefully I didn’t crash and burn!
Feedback is always treasured. Thanks to all who read & comment or read & lurk.

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During the annuals spent inside his tin prison, Cain struggled to forget his own stench and remember the smell of rain-wet grass.

But he’d never forgotten the whisper of Adora’s skin under his fingertips -- never forgotten everything about her that said, “Woman.”

“Kid,” he calls DG. It’s a pathetic defense against what he knows: behind those wide eyes is a woman. The body that leans against his for a second’s comfort belongs to a woman. The heart that’s heavy with guilt for things that can’t be undone belongs to a woman.

Cain fears he belongs to two women now.


Tags: fic, tin man, tin man: fic
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