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Lily is dancing on the table...

So I saw Tori Amos in concert for the first time on Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall with two friends. The seats were pretty bad, so I couldn't really see the expressions on Tori's face, but the acoustics in that place are amazing. Excuse me while I gush, but that woman has an illegal amount of talent--powerful voice, great presence, and she can play two instruments simultaneously. I kid you not; during certain songs she sat on a piano bench between her piano and some other keyboard-ish instrument and played each with one hand.

I knew most of the songs she played, but I discovered a few gems. Take to the Sky, which is a B-side for the Winter US Limited Edition Single. That song blew my mind, and I downloaded as soon as I got home that night. She also covered Fleetwood Mac's Landslide. It was by far the best rendition of that song that I've EVER heard. Better than the original, better than the Smashing Pumpkins' version, and DEFINITELY better than The Dixie Chicks' version. I downloaded that after I got home from the concert, as well. :) One of the highlights of the show was when she sang Winter. That song always makes me cry, so I listen to it if I'm sad and want to wallow in self-pity. ;) Well, I cried when she sang it on Thursday. One of my friends was crying, too, so I didn't feel too dorky. Thankfully she didn't play 1,000 Oceans; if she had, I would've been a complete wreck.

Anyway, I think she played for around two hours, and for that brief time I was transported somewhere else--almost like I am when I read a really good book. I'm thrilled I finally got to see her, but next time I'll have to get a better seat.

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