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Talk to me again, people.

Do you like to write sex scenes/love scenes?  Do they make you want to tear your hair out?  Something in-between?  Is there a method to your madness?

Discuss, dear friends!

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I've been known to write them on occasion, and to even do so fairly well, which is always surprising to me.

I have a rule for myself when writing sex scenes: be very conservative with language. I will absolutely under no circumstances uses slang words for body parts; I find that crude and cheap. One can write an extremely titillating scene without using the word "cock" once. :D

Oh, also: mood music. I actually have a playlist for writing sex scenes.

*makes upset noise*
I really want to play and discuss but I need to work.
In case you need something to occupy you (I'm sensing restless in the Lerdo-force...), here's an odd little fanfic madlib-type thing. Enjoy. *g*

*gives you sternest look* Go write your essay instead of reading horrible!fic and prowling LJ, young lady!

Come play and discuss at your leisure. This post isn't going anywhere. :)

(I'm sensing restless in the Lerdo-force...),

LMAO What tipped you off? The fact that I'm posting like someone who has ants in her pants? *g*

Now go eat some of the candy Space sent you and work on your essay.

Thanks for the link. *is intrigued* Let's see what scary drabbles I can come up with...

here's an odd little fanfic madlib-type thing. Enjoy. *g*

OMG - that's the BEST. THING. EVAH.
I shall never accomplish another thing ever in my life!
Gonna have to post this on my LJ... be forewarned!

Hee :) I already have - freaking hilarious!

No, I don't particularly like to write them. I've written a few slash sex scenes in the Supernatural fandom, but I tend not to be graphic. I find writing any romantic scenes awkward.

But that's generally because I'm a cold-hearted bitch.

I write them and it's hard for me to do so.

and then weeks after I have these vivid sex dream...or maybe it's before and that leads me to write the scene

in either case, I've moved away from writing them unless it seems like the next natural progression in the couple

A bit of both - I have enjoyed writing them (eg for Promises, Promises) and found them more difficult (eg for So Don't Wait).

I was thinking the other day that if (I should say when and think positively!) I write a 'proper' book, if I had love scenes in it I wouldn't be as graphic as in fic. Fic is a strange medium in that way.

*wanders off to ponder more*

I do write them and they can be sometimes a bit of a struggle. You want to make them emotional but not sappy. Classily explicit without going over the line to trashy (or at least that's what I'm aiming for...whether I make it there is another story!). And let's face it, there's an awful lot of us in those scene; as much as you try not to make it personal, there's really no way not to. You write what you know, you know what I mean?

But as far as writing them, I'm a major smut tweaker. I'll write the scene, then I'll add to it. Then I'll add to it again. And again. If we never published the chapters, I'd probably still be working on them...

And yes, because I'm me, I've even done research for them. When I wrote 'Night Musings:Fireflood' I knew nothing about the details of tantric sex, so I actually had to do some research about that. Which was mighty interesting, let me tell you! :)

I've tried to write them in the past and just did not like what I came up with. Everything seemed cliched and cheesy as all hell. So instead I tend to write the lead up and use implication to get the rest of the point across.

Hmm, it's been awhile since I've even attempted it though; might have to challenge myself in the future.

Warning: this is going to be rambly. I'm procrastinating and writing about smut is infinitely more appealing than writing about the decline of Roman society. (Shocking, I know.)

I think my answer to this was best summed up by that little slash you put between 'sex scenes' and 'love scenes'. I think I've maybe written one "love" scene and much prefer writing "sex" scenes. I find smut fairly enjoyable to write, and I think this is partly because I start with the idea of what I want to see happen smut-wise and then work in the logistics and any possible emotional elements around that.

The emphasis on the physical rather than the emotional is probably down in part to my age too. I can't speak for other 19 year olds, but there's a certain limit to the emotional involvement I can speak/write about with authority. Plus I'm sure some lingering teenage hormones are involved somewhere... *g*

I'm also the opposite of LSQ's answer above; I cannot for the life of me tweak sex scenes. I can't even start and stop them. If I'm in the right mood, it'll flow nicely when it's written and changing it after that (other than the obvious proof-reading) makes it feel too stilted to me.

In conclusion, yep, I like writing sex scenes. None of them have a great deal of literary/emotional value, but they're fun to play around with, especially in oneshot form where I'm rarely having to deal with a morning after or long-term relationship dynamics. :)

Thanks for the interesting question!
*heads back to essay*

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