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Fountain of Smart
T minus seven one day till November 4th, 2008, otherwise known as Election Day here in the U.S.

As I said on Tuesday, I'm going to be posting this every day through then because I believe so strongly in exercising this privilege and responsibility.  If that bugs you, skip these posts. 

If you're a U.S. citizen who's old enough to vote, please do so.  If you've voted early, thank you.

Yes, we have an electoral college; vote anyway.

Vote because things are bad and getting worse.

Vote because in another place, in another time, you wouldn't have the chance to do it.

Vote because people fight, kill, and die for that opportunity.

Vote because you don't think the world can take another four years that look like the eight preceding it.

Vote because you want leaders you'd like to have coffee or a beer with. 

Vote because you want leaders who are smarter, calmer, and more thoughtful than you.

Vote because you don't believe having an education makes you an elitist.

Vote because you don't believe a man's middle name dictates his path or illustrates his beliefs.

Vote if you love Fox News Channel.

Vote if MSNBC is your drug of choice.

Vote if the Ashley Todd hoax made you sick.

Vote because the "last lynching" in the U.S. took place in 1981.

Vote even if you think politics sucks.

Vote even if you think government is a joke.

Vote even if you think fandom is more important and more fun.

Vote even if you think you're choosing between multiple evils.

Vote despite your apathy and cynicism and the little voice that says, "It doesn't matter."

Vote because of your enthusiasm and optimism.

Vote because this is your home and your country and our world.

Vote so you can tell your kids/pet/friends/family you did. 

Vote because you can.

Just vote.

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Okay. I voted early. All I can do is sit and wait.

And dang it! I can't decide if I'm more excited or nervous!

I sporadically hang out on a chatroom and there has been this girl there yelling at people to vote for weeks....and then yesterday she admitted that she hadn't registered in time... *facepalm* Calls herself Bamagirl but is voting for McCain - odd bod all roun really LOL


please, pretty please with sugar on top.

she admitted that she hadn't registered in time... *facepalm* Calls herself Bamagirl but is voting for McCain


Oh well, every cloud and all that..

*indeed*.......Tries to be impartial on these threads....but blimey I was a democrat in the white house.

I kind of ditched impartiality a while back I think ... this is too important for fence sitting ;)

Oh I agree - I just didn't want to start a political chinwag on the pros and cons ;)

VOTE VOTE VOTE (democrat!)

voted early, waited in a line for three hours.

I was just cleaning out my LJ inbox today (LOTS and LOTS of things left in there, as you can see) and came across this post again.

I just wanted to say thank you for posting this - I agree wholeheartedly and put this in my memories so I can come back later to your lovely & eloquently worded list of reasons to vote for when the next election comes around. I wish I'd been able to vote in the past presidential election, but I was too young by a couple of months (I followed some/most of the election anyways), and appreciate your well-worded statement/advice.

So thanks again for posting this! :)

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