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Bones Drabble: Feet of Clay (#88 in ATLBU)
Sad!Booth - lerdo

Title: Feet of Clay
Booth, Brennan
Set during The Pain in the Heart.
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.
Thanks and hugs to all who've commented on previous chapters. :)

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Booth doesn't fear her anger. He's used to it; the narrowing of those quicksilver eyes and the unyielding line of those lips only make her more beautiful to him. But he's been hiding from this day, when she'd look at him with raw disappointment, as if a faith she claims she's never had has been burnt to cold ashes. By his careless hands.

He took a bullet for her. Doesn't that mean something? Maybe it's better this way, though. Maybe it's best she knows now that he is no better than her father or anyone else who has hurt her.


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Ugh, so wonderful it hurts. If that makes any sense....


Despite Brennan's detachment I always feel like she had Booth on some kind of pedestal before Wannabe. I can see him thinking it's better he no longer is... if that makes any sense.

I have been rendered incoherent by this beautiful drabble :)

It makes perfect sense; that's what I was getting at. ;)

Thanks, honey.

so painful. Poor Booth to think that way.

You should go give him a hug; I think he needs one. ;)

He can never win with her, can he? Poor old Booth.

He wins, and he doesn't, if that makes any sense.

I sat here today and read ALL of the drabbles/ficlets in the ATLBU series. I just love your writings, and the drabbles are no exception.

This is no different. I'm always amazed how wonderfully you write Booth's inner thoughts. Especially:

But he's been hiding from this day, when she'd look at him with raw disappointment, as if a faith she claims she's never had has been burnt to cold ashes.

This hurts just a bit. Like pressing an icecube to raw skin.

Uh; so true of the way Booth would be thinking in TPitH.

IMO, he's terrified that he'd be just one more guy - in a long line of guys - that have hurt her.

Ouch. *pictures Booth's sad little boy face*

This sentence required reading it twice, but then it really hit patydirt:
"as if a faith she claims she's never had has been burnt to cold ashes"
He bears his cross but good, our noble Booth, realizing that she puts him on a pedestal, whether or not she admits it to him or even to herself (claims she's never had), and then being terrified of disappointing her: *stab of sympathy*.
But also struggling with the notion that perhaps it would be better if he fell off it.

An interesting question is if that is unselfish or not; partly it is, because it will shield Brennan from future disappointment, but it also seems at least partly selfish because it shields HIM from disappointing her. Makes life easier for him as well. Hm, toughie.
You know, that's what I love about your drabbles: they make me ponder such questions--and realize there is no easy answer to them--and in turn appreciate what a wonderful show with wonderful, layered characters this is.

Amazing capture of that conflict within Booth--and in only 100 words! Le sigh.

Ahh, goregeous wording. Love the insight into Booth-this is exactly how I feel he would think. The pain in Booth from this is almost tangible from your words here. Almost makes me wanna cry *sob*

Amazing job! ♥

*adds to memories*

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oh lerdo.......like i always tell you........there are no more words i can think of to describe your writings......brilliant, beautiful......and sometimes painful (in a beautiful way)....all i can do is keep on thanking you for sharing your tremendous talent with us..........so again........thank you........and please.........NEVER stop..........

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