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I think the fact that I've been distracted by having family in town is the only thing that's kept me from going crazy today.  Just a few more hours till the polls open.

Regardless of who you support, if you can vote tomorrow, please, please, please do so.

I will be wearing my Obama shirt tomorrow morning, and I will be voting. 

"Hope is that thing inside us that insists, despite all evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us if we have the courage to reach for it, and to work for it, and to fight for it." - Barack Obama

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I thought people couldn't wear Obama or McCain shirt/buttons in the polling places.

I have to ask my dad about that as he's working the election tomorrow

Last I read, the rules on that vary from state to state.

ahh okay.

I remember from when I worked the head person said it amounted to something like electioneering and that's a big no no...at least here in Cali

Here it looks like:

"A voter may wear campaign paraphernalia (buttons, t-shirts, or stickers) into the polling place while he or she is there to vote (the voter may not linger in the polling place after voting). However, an election judge, challenger and watcher, or other person stationed inside the polling place or within 100 feet of the polling place may not wear or display campaign materials."

*stares at clock*

and election worker being prohibited to wear it makes sense.

I'm excited to be one of the first to vote tomorrow at my polling place (there are 3 different precincts in one location). it'll be the only time since I go to school 2 hrs away and by the time I get back after school there will probably be a 2+ hour wait

Go you for voting!

I am so nervous about tomorrow and the results. Going to be a very hectic day.

I am so nervous about tomorrow and the results. Going to be a very hectic day.

*g* I hear you; I'm going insane.

well it might have to be a provisional ballot since i am still not listed in the online database and might not be on the official roster (they're apparently still working on the last-minute registrations), but i'm voting.

mental note: when living in the most populous county in the country, register early.

We have a not-so-foolproof system, unfortunately.

(Deleted comment)
Yay for voting!

I'm going mid-morning in hopes of avoiding lines.

Big prayers going out to the US today!


Big prayers going out to the US today!

Whatever works! :)

*fingers crossed for the world*

*fingers crossed for the world*

Hear hear!

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