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Go vote.
I voted; have you?

I am an Obama supporter; that's hardly a secret.  But regardless of who you're supporting, if you CAN vote, please go do so today.  We can't afford not to.

This is going to be a looooooong day. *pulls out hair*


Folks, it's November 4th, 2008, otherwise known as Election Day here in the U.S.

Since last Tuesday, I've been posting this every day because I believe so strongly in exercising this privilege and responsibility.

If you're a U.S. citizen who's old enough to vote, please do so.  If you've voted early, thank you.

Yes, we have an electoral college; vote anyway.

Vote because things are bad and getting worse.

Vote because in another place, in another time, you wouldn't have the chance to do it.

Vote because people fight, kill, and die for that opportunity.

Vote because you don't think the world can take another four years that look like the eight preceding it.

Vote because you want leaders you'd like to have coffee or a beer with. 

Vote because you want leaders who are smarter, calmer, and more thoughtful than you.

Vote because you don't believe having an education makes you an elitist.

Vote because you don't believe a man's middle name dictates his path or illustrates his beliefs.

Vote if you love Fox News Channel.

Vote if MSNBC is your drug of choice.

Vote if the Ashley Todd hoax made you sick.

Vote because the "last lynching" in the U.S. took place in 1981.

Vote even if you think politics sucks.

Vote even if you think government is a joke.

Vote even if you think fandom is more important and more fun.

Vote even if you think you're choosing between multiple evils.

Vote despite your apathy and cynicism and the little voice that says, "It doesn't matter."

Vote because of your enthusiasm and optimism.

Vote because this is your home and your country and our world.

Vote so you can tell your kids/pet/friends/family you did. 

Vote because you can.

Just vote.

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*tears hair out with you*

A looooooong day is right! I saw on the breakfast news that the BBC is covering the results from 11pm our time tonight... I shall wake up early tomorrow and switch on, see where we are going next in the world.

*hopes she'll be a dancing and a twirling*

*hopes she'll be a dancing and a twirling*

Man, I sure hope so.

*buffs her dancing shoes optimistically*

Yay for voting! And, the formal tallies are off to a good start:

Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, has voted.

Obama: 15
McCain: 6

Hart's Location --

Obama: 17
McCain: 10
Ron Paul: 2

*sits and bites nails*

That feeds into another fandom of mine - the West Wing where they had an episode all about Hartsfield's Landing - based on those towns where a midnight on polling day vote, including 100% turnout of a tiny settlement accurately predicts the winner every election.

*sits and bites nails*

I'm rt there with ya!

I voted today - waited in line for almost two hours before I got to a machine. I have voted in the previous three presidential elections and that is the longest I have EVER waited to cast a ballot. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

It is awesome. I'm really excited that the turnout appears to be so high. :)

Another vote for Obama in! Had to wait fifteen minutes, but seeing as my sister stood in line for an hour and fifteen I'm not gonna complain.

Now all there is to do is wait. *chews fingers nervously*

Go you!

The waiting is terrible. :/

I went out with my parents to help them set up and to be one of the first to vote and OMG 3 different precincts in 1 location is HORRIBLE and one of the workers pissed me off...so much in fact that I called the election officials in my county to complain about what this person was doing.

Long story short, she was telling people, whether they were there first or not, that if they didn't know exactly what table they were to be at, they could go first! Uhh NO! I'd been there since 6 am! no one who comes after that has the right to go before me.

My dad, who is an Inspector and has had the job for 5+ years said he’d complained about the workers from the other precincts, and got no where, but maybe they’d listen if a voter called in.. I hope they do listen. If not, there are going to be a lot of angry voters at that location.

But I voted and left that madhouse!

That sucks! You might consider calling the CNN Voter Hotline. From their website at http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/category/voter-problems/:

"The Voter Hotline on the Political Ticker provides reporting on the latest voting problems across the country. If you have a problem voting or see one, call the CNN Voter Hotline at 877-GOCNN-08 (1-877-462-6608), and then post video or photos of your experience on iReport.com. For a look at the top problems in each state, explore CNN's interactive Voter Hotline map."


I told one of my friends in my commuications class and he sent an e-mail to his boss, who's one of the in charge people at my county's Registrar-Recorder office and then my dad called to tell me that the big boss came out and dealt with it.

Can I be in Portugal and vote? LOL
Well it's not my country voting but I think the whole world needs someone bossing their country like Obama.

I hate politics but seeing Obama's determination.. Hell, he has to be the man in charge! He's definitely the change. For me, he even has change written in his face.

God, I love him! :)

And I'm sad for not being American only for today to vote him.

I've never been happier to wait 45 minutes in line. Seriously-- the energy in the line was incredible. I don't hold out much hope that my state will go the way I voted (dear Indiana, WAKE UP!) but still. I cast my vote proudly, and I'm anxious to see results unfold.

I lost my "I Voted" sticker, though, and that's really bumming me out.

you can have my sticker icon if you want. can't have the actual sticker tho. :)

Voted! One more for Obama :)

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