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As an American, as a human being,I am so proud.  My heart is full.   

Yes, we can. 

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We're witnessing such an incredible thing. I couldn't wait to get up this morning and switch on the news.

I'm so excited for America and the world *celebratory hugs*

*dances along with you* Here's to the return of some measure of sanity.

Hear Fucking Hear!

*hopes you will forgive exuberance*

(Someone out the back of my house is letting off fireworks in the day - it is Guy Fawke's night here tonight - it would annoy me but I'm pretending they're for Obama!)

Remember, remember the fifth of November...

There's nothing to forgive. DH and I were both in tears last night. *g* I think we're all allowed a little exuberance right now.

I have to admit to a few tears watching his speech this morning... this means so much to all of us :)

I also teared up a bit. I actually got my butt off the computer (other than checking anxiously every few minutes for the prop results) and went to watch his speech and the news with my mom.

For once, I must admit that I am not completely ashamed to be an American. Of course, I'm never completely ashamed, but there's always a little something there whether I read history or I read now. What can I say though? I go to Guatemala a lot where I see the negative affects of Americans all the time.

So, let's lift our glasses to change.

*dances and twirls*

ETA: This icon is really more appropriate :)

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