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If any of you have 1sentence  fics up at Fanfiction.net, make sure you have them backed up somewhere else.  I just received the email below from bot@fanfiction.com.  The story's gone, and so are all the comments people had left for it.  At least I had the story backed up here and elsewhere.  I don't believe that Prismatic is a "non-story," but someone disagrees.  What's most annoying about this is that all the comments are gone, and I can't upload anything "for a few days."

I have no way of knowing whether FF.net admin randomly came across Prismatic and decided it violated their guidelines, or if someone who read it reported it.  If it's the latter, I really wish that person had contacted me personally first; we could have discussed it, or at least I could have saved the feedback people had taken the time to leave.


Title: "Prismatic"
Summary: "Fifty sentences about Booth and Brennan--together and as
individuals. Now complete."
Rating: "Fiction Rated: T"

Main reason for removal: "Non-story: lists, notes, polls, announcement, and

The above story has been removed because it violated the guideline detailed
on the upload page.

This infraction has been recorded and as a result, you will not have story
submission ability for a few days.

FanFiction.Net has a set of guidelines for the uploading of stories and

ETA:  Fellow FF.net posters, learn from my mistakes.  It might make more sense just to back up ANY stories and comments you have there that you'd actually like to keep.  I always have my writing saved in multiple places, but I admit it didn't even occur to me do a back-up of feedback.  Though now that I think of it, I think I DO have them in my email account.  Regardless, if you have stuff over there (or elsewhere) that you want to keep, SAVE IT!

Thanks for the heads up - that's such a ridiculous decision. I have just dashe dover there to copy all the reviews of my batch called Epsilon.

BOO fanfic.net BOOOO

You're welcome. Save whatever you want to keep!

It's been my experience that the Pit does not actually check the stories before deleting them when they're reported; a friend of mine had one of her Inuyasha stories deleted for that, but it never was actually in violation of any of the rules. It can get very annoying, I tell you.

I'm sorry about all your comments being deleted. That always burns the worst, because it's nice to go back and read them when you are doubting yourself.

I bet that was irritating for your friend. And it is such a huge website; who knows what level of oversight they actually have... Regardless, it's their site, so I suppose they have the right to do whatever they want!

Re: the comments, it turns out I have them in my email account, so that's a bright spot. And yes, it absolutely helps to hear/read something positive when you're feeling less-than-great about your writing.

OMG that is so fucking unfair!!!!!

Non-fucking-story??? LISTS??? It's fucking poetry!!!!

*is so mind numbingly angry she wants to punch someone*

ETA: I might not bother posting there anymore. Grrrrr!

ETA2: Have need for an angry icon... also, am sending ff.net an email about this!

Edited at 2008-11-07 07:18 pm (UTC)

*hugs you* You are so sweet to be upset on my behalf. I can't believe you emailed them. Thank you, honey. I'm beyond touched. ♥

It's not my website, so ultimately they have the right to run it however they want. I just disagree with the assessment, and I'm destined to never know how it is that Prismatic came to be examined in the first place. But it's OK; while I'm not happy about what happened, I haven't lost my sense of perspective. So they took down one of my stories. I can't upload anything for some unknown number of days. Still, this is ultimately not that big a deal. It's more curious than anything else. And I just didn't want any of the other writers on my f-list to be caught off-guard if any of their writing was suddenly removed from the site.

I don't know if I'm making any sense. Just know that I so appreciate the effort you expended on my behalf.

I wonder if it was the same person who objected to your "many unfinished" fics? How is Prismatic a non-story? There are 50 sentences for God's sake; they are coherent; they contain characters which develop; there are moments, events, satisfaction at the conclusion; they engage the reader. I am sending my renowned Paddington stare (Paddington is a bear who expresses his displeasure by staring at the person who has annoyed him)telepathically which will discombobulate whoever it was.

Who doesn't love Paddington and his adorable raincoat? *g*

I am touched by your defense; thank you. *hugs you back*

I don't suppose I'll ever know exactly how it is that Prismatic came to be targeted and deleted. If it is because of the person to whom you're referring (and I'm not assuming that it was), that would be very sad, as there was nothing rude or irrational about my response to her email.

This is all completely inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Still, it is a rather curious matter...

Thanks again. Love your icon, btw.


I actually save all the emails that you get when someone reviews a story, though, so at least I have most if not all saved.

If I were you. I'd get a sock puppet, wait a week, and repost the story under a different title. Then see if it gets deleted again.

Although you might want to archive all your reviews for all your stories first. If you got caught I wouldn't be shocked if they deleted/locked your account. They're idotic that way.

Pregnancy has apparently rendered my brain useless; thank you very much for the reminder that I actually have the reviews in my email account! :)

That's a brilliantly sneaky idea you have there. *g* But you know what? It's ultimately not that big a deal. I'm still curious about how this all happened, why the story was deemed NOT a story, and yeah, it's annoying to not be able to upload/update anything, but this is just a drop in the bucket. I really did want to give other writers a heads-up, though, so no one else was unpleasantly surprised.

FF.net strikes again.

As a result I've sent an email to ff.net telling them about their inability to actually read and understand fanfics before deciding they're a violation of terms.
Prismatic TOLD A STORY. Perhaps in a slightly different format to all the cookie cutter fics FF.net is used to, but it still told a story of two ppls lives. It was not a list, notes, polls, etc.

As a result I've sent an email to ff.net telling them about their inability to actually read and understand fanfics before deciding they're a violation of terms.

Random crash - so have I!

Well, that's quite ridiculous. I'm very sorry to hear that.

It is as if they didn't even bother to read what they were deleting because if they had, they would have realized that it was indeed a story.

That's so innane. I'm sorry!

Thank you very much. Yeah, I wonder if a site admin actually read it before deciding it violated the "non-story" guideline.

Well. I have a few choice words for FF.net, namely beginning in an F and ending in a U. So there.

That series is one of my favorites from you. It definitely tells a story. Maybe not all pretty, wrapped in a bow with a theme and flowery, overwrought prose and bad spelling and grammar, but certainly life-like and raw.

I'm sorry some people are a-holes.

*I'm trying to watch my language around little Misha there.

*hugs* You are lovely and kind, as always. Thank you.

It's ultimately not a big deal, but initially I was surprised and annoyed. Now I'm still confused, but I do realize it is just not very important. If only this was the worst thing that ever happened to any of us!

*I'm trying to watch my language around little Misha there.

Ha! Misha's dad and mom have to get used to doing the same. *g*

*g* Yeah, it did seem a bit silly to me. *shrugs* I guess I'll never know whether they actually read it...

I'm with Space, that is stupid and it really sucks. Do you know how many stories are out there with a big note instead of an actual chapter...'I'm taking this week off, no chapter for you'... etc.? They never touch those. So why yours? It's not really a list, but I'm sure that's what they'd say. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I'm sure you're most annoyed and I don't blame you. I'm annoyed for you!

I hear you about the announcement chapters.

So why yours?

I have zero proof, but given the sheer size of the site, I suspect that someone reported the story. As for that person's motives, I can't say. And as for whether or not an admin actually read the story, I suppose I'll never know. Regardless, it's not my site, so I have very little say in how they run it. But I'm not happy about getting my hand slapped unfairly. (The "unfairly" part is obviously my biased assessment.)

You know, initially I was surprised and annoyed, and I genuinely didn't want anyone else to be caught off-guard if their stories were suddenly deleted. But I'm pretty good about maintaining perspective; let's face it, this isn't that big a deal. :)

Thanks for sharing my annoyance.

I'll definitely be backing up my feedback from now on; thanks for the heads up on that.

Ugh, that's soooooo (yes, extra o's are the way I express my displeasure) stupid though. I'd be interested in knowing if some admin randomly found it or if someone actually read it and reported it. If it's the second case you can color me confused --- even if you didn't understand the story or how it was story how can justify "tattling"? Maybe it's just because I know how difficult the writing process is, but even if I felt something was a little out of place on the site I don't think I'd report it.

Wow, sorry for that long, only semi-coherent ramble.

You're welcome. :)

Though I have zero proof, because of the sheer size of the site, I suspect that someone other than an admin reported the story. But that's just my baseless hunch.

I thought you were perfectly coherent. *g*

(Deleted comment)
It's silly; I'm honestly curious whether a site admin actually read the story before deciding it violated the "non-story" guideline.

I just wonder if an admin actually read the story before deciding it was NOT a story. :\

I'm so glad I moved from the FF.net realm. I think I stopped posting stuff there around the time they didn't allow the particular kinds of stories I was writing.


That's incredibly strange and annoyingly stupid. :(

Thanks for the heads up though- I'll probably at least start saving any reviews/feedback in the future.

Yes, it is odd.

Anything you don't want to lose, back up, honey. Better safe than sorry!