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Picspam for Bones 1x01 (Part I)
Bones Friendship - lerdo
Warning:  Extremely image heavy.

Caps courtesy of damnskippytoo ; editing done by me.

Part II is here.

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Wowza! That took some time! Nice job - you plan on continuing with other eps?!? Quite an endeavor!

And hope you don't mind me pointing it out, but the last 6 rows are a repeat. :)

*squees in harmony with TT*

Thanks, Space.

You know, because Photoshop is a beast, it took less time than you might think. :) I'll definitely be doing more eps, though I haven't decided yet if I'll do them all or just ones I have a particular interest in.

Nope, don't mind you pointing out the repeat; thank you. I'm always happy if someone's willing to point out a mistake. It should be fixed now.

Edited at 2008-11-11 01:53 pm (UTC)

Ooh... Shiny... :)
Awesome work with the caps and I love how cute and young they all look! Angela with her fringe bangs, and Hodgins with his beard, and Booth with what looks like ginger hair in the 11th row down. :P
*happy sigh*
I miss early Bones. I love current Bones, but early Bones was fab.

Angela with her fringe bangs

LOL, I love you americanising... and you know, Booth's ginger hair kind of stuck around ;)

I love love love love love Bones!

Yay on the ginger hair. It must have been summer time when it was filmed!

Oh it all seemed so simple then. Lovely bright pictures.

Thank you! I'm happy you liked it. Really takes you back, doesn't it? :)

Awesome job.

I don't know if I can pinpoint it properly because there are a lot of pictures here (not complaining! :) ), but the one of Booth about 15 rows down in the middle (under the cemetery picture) made me LOL so hard.

<3 this show.

Do you mean the cap with the sunglasses? *g* Yeah, it's classic Booth.


I miss Season 1. I might go watch the Pilot now :)

Aww this reminded me how much I love the show.

I wanna rewatch s1 - but my friend has got my dvds! :(

Hey, i think you should post this at picspammy! Their current contest is to picspam season premieres and finales! :)

Steal 'em back. ;)

Thanks for the suggestion; I hadn't heard of picspammy.

Oh, how I loved them. ♥

Lovely, lovely. Thanks for the smile today.

You're welcome, honey. And thank you. You'll always have Season 1. :\

Holy cow! That's a TON of work. It's fabulous. [is impressed.]

Am very excited about tomorrow night's Bones. :-)

I'm glad you liked it, M. Making it made me smile and think about previous seasons, not surprisingly. :)

Am very excited about tomorrow night's Bones. :-)

Should be interesting! ;)

Excellent job! The pilot has some beautiful shots. Love the ones with Brennan and the skulls. Thanks for the picspam!

Love the ones with Brennan and the skulls.

That's our bone-lady. *g*

I'm glad you liked it; I enjoyed putting it together. :)

I might have said this before, but I totally refused to watch Bones, and once they convinced me to watch the pilot. When I saw Brennan knocking down that guy at the airport I just knew it. I'd love her. Then I happened to love Booth. I'm easy.

The "We're Scully and Mulder" thing catched me off guard and made me smile.

Sorry for being delayed, have been without computer for a few days.

It's always funny when we refuse to watch or read something and then find that we absolutely love it. *g* I refused to read the Harry Potter books for a long time because they sounded like a gazillion other fantasy novels I'd read. When I finally relented and took a peek, I found them to be adorable. :)

No need to be sorry; here in my journal, there's no such thing as delays!

Thanks for the picspam prt I&II

he is so beautiful 'my' Booth *G*

Oh yes, he is very beautiful. *g*

You're very welcome, sweetie; I'm glad you had fun with it. :)