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Bones: The Con Man in the Meth Lab
Sad!Booth - lerdo
OK, so what did you think?

As the child of two alcoholics and as an elder sibling in said family, it really did hit just the right note. It wasn't heavy handed and they did really expose the "elder child's need to fix everything" vein.

In fact, I found it a little upsetting on a personal level.

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I LOVED IT. Earlier in the season, I was scared that they were getting into a bit of a comedy-duo rut and that things were getting way too repetitive and silly, but then they throw this our way. WHAT A DOOZY. The way they take all of our expectations/assumptions about Booth's character and completely turn them on their head is fantastic. I never felt like Booth was a mysterious man, I always felt like I knew exactly who he was. I never questioned why he is the way he is. And then to see this whole backstory unfold, and in such a touching, powerful way? I thought they did a great job.

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I liked it a lot. I just posted all my thoughts over at my LJ.

That's about all I can manage right now... I really really really enjoyed this ep.

I was glad to be watching Bones, a drama not a comedy. The case was well put together (even though I was confused out of my mind about it) and the play between Booth, Brennan, and Jared was well put together. I felt like we now know more about the character of Booth and why he is what he is. He seemed like the type of person who would care for his family and that is what he was doing with Jared. I found Jared to be a complete jerk and an asshole and I never want to see him again because of the way he treated his own brother who saved his ass and the way he treated Brennan. In general, I really liked the episode.

"I was glad to be watching Bones, a drama not a comedy."

I completely agree.

Sounds like maybe I'm mirroring witchofthedogs' comment, but as a child of an alcoholic, this was a rather... touching episode for me. I admit that the last line caused a rather emotional response from me.


Yeah. I can't add anything more to what you've said than that...

It was an excellent episode - a nice break from the "whimsy" which Bones seems to be relying upon a bit too much lately. Plus, it was a very significant episode in terms to B/B.

I really just wanted to give Booth a hug.

I love your icon!

It was so good. I can't even describe how much I loved it. It made me feel so many emotions which is what a show is supposed to do. Also, I loved it when Tempe pushed Jared off the chair XD

I'm soooo insanely glad I did not make myself wait to watch this until tomorrow. There were just so many little things about it that I really loved. The case was solid. Booth & Bren's fight (not bickering, but an actual fight) was perfect though painful. How emotional she was in her confrontation with Jared. The end - oh my, his statement of needing time, but not space and then his admission to her about his father. Just, really, it was wonderful.

I loved this episode. I posted my thoughts on my LJ. I agree with the person up there, I would take drama Bones over comedy Bones any day. Loved the interactions in this ep and I just wanted to give Booth a hug. I could relate a little too well to the "oldest in the dysfunctional family" and may have cried at the end. *shrugs*

And I do wish that Brennan actually WOULD get federal on Booth's ass. Seeley Booth's, that is.

Anyone who tries to say that David can't act, needs to watch this episode. He really impressed me with Booth's anger with his brother.

Thank you to Karine Rosenthal for writing the first truly standout episode for the season. We have barely ever heard Booth talk about his family, so I felt that this was both an opening up and an explanation. He doesn't talk about it because it's a bad memory; he talks about it now and we get to share the pain. The last line was heart-wrenching.

And I feel a little vindicated. I did not flip about the Jared-Brennan kiss, and...it was fine. Totally believable and still B/B. How disappointed did Brennan look when she had to say "No, he never leaned over and kissed me" (and in her mind added, "but that one time that I tricked him into making out with me was pretty sweet!")

I am sick, and silly, and happy about this awesome episode, and sad for Booth. I am conflicted.

It's still airing for me, but I'm enjoying it so far.
This is the Bones I love, and I hope to see more stories like this as the season progresses.

It must just be me...

I was thrilled to see the return of "the real Booth" this episode, but I was far from happy with it and I ranted about it on my LJ.

Loved it. These are the kinds of Bones episodes that make me remember why I fell in love with the show so hard.