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Mea Culpa

Forgive me if I've been slow to respond to comments/emails or peer into the f-list, and please don't take it personally.  I'm not intentionally ignoring anyone.  Lately my head's been spinning because I suddenly realized just how much there is to get done before the baby's born -- both in preparation for her arrival and also all of the other random little tasks that will just be much easier to complete before she's here and sucking up all our time, energy, and sleep. :)  She isn't due till Feb. 22nd, but I'll admit there's some anxiety creeping in as I look at our gargantuan to-do list.  The weeks and months do seem to be whizzing by far too quickly.  Not to mention Thanksgiving's coming up, and we're having it at our place -- complete with at least 11 guests. 

Hell, I didn't even watch last week's Bones till last night, right before the current ep aired; that rarely happens. 

So I've been coming here to vomit bits of fic, picspams, or random questions and then run away again.  My brain is just flitting from one thing to another, never really settling in one place for very long.  Welcome to parenthood, I guess. *g*
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