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Bones: The Passenger in the Oven

*sigh*  I wish there had been more continuity between Con Man and this episode.  Some fallout would have been appropriate. 

There was stuff I liked:  the older woman who was a Temperance Brennan fan, how ridiculous Brennan looked in those glasses, that puzzled look on her face as she shook out her hair, and Hodgins asking Cam if it meant something that Angela and Roxie had packed one bag for their getaway.  (Although, given that in Death in the Saddle Brennan mentioned having indulged in role play, I think it's possible she would have understood what Booth was not-so-subtly hinting here.  But sometimes I think they're writing her as becoming more clueless the further we get into the show...)

I have to say, I've loved the Cam and Hodgins scenes we've been getting lately.  Not in a shippy, I-want-them-to-make-out-and-declare-their-undying-love kind of way.  They just play off each other so nicely; there's a burgeoning friendship there.  I've thought for a while now that Tamara Taylor is just a great actress.  She -- and Cam -- have really come into their own.  Watching her is truly a pleasure, and TJ's always been awesome.    

So I thought this episode was OK.  It left me feeling a little blah, on the whole.  That's fine; I don't expect any show to always be stellar.  But I did feel a bit disappointed.

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