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Journal Policy Update
Since I'm going to be a parent soon, I've decided that it's more responsible for me to take everything in this journal except for fic, picspams, graphics (i.e. fannish stuff) and make it friends-only.  That doesn't mean I think my other entries are in any way special.  However, they are personal.  If you've been lurking anonymously and find that you no longer have access to particular entries, that's why.  I would leave all my Wednesday Smiles posts unlocked, too, but I often post personal tidbits in those.  So going forward, those are going to be friends-locked as well.

Anyone is welcome to add me as a "friend."  If you like my fic and fannish minutiae, I'm flattered.  However, unless you comment, I may not notice that you've added me.  Please note that I don't automatically add everyone back.  As I said, I sometimes post about personal/"real life" things that I am simply not comfortable with silent strangers knowing about or having show up on Google searches.  If we have some common interests, you ask to be added, we interact a bit, and get to know each other better, I'll happily add you back.  None of this would be necessary if I created a separate journal for fannish stuff, but that seems like way too much of a hassle; I have enough trouble staying on top of one LJ!

I sometimes defriend people; it's not personal, and it's never intended to create drama.  If we just don't interact, I don't feel comfortable with essentially having my underwear hanging out there for everyone to see.  *g*  Bottomline:  this is my journal, and I have to do what makes me feel most comfortable and most safe.

Any questions, let me know.  :)

I think that's a totally understandable decision. What's the point of having a journal if you don't feel okay in it?


If we just don't interact, I don't feel comfortable with essentially having my underwear hanging out there for everyone to see.

He he he, that made me smile :)

teehee, me too.

i totally understand the "not wanting to show up on a google search" thing. personally, for example, no one i know IRL knows about my lj. or my fic-writing for that matter. and while my cutie kitten isn't super personal, it would be a way to link folks i know IRL to my online world. it's just something i prefer to keep private.

see, if you searched my real name (not actually beatrix, btw), you'd come up with a whole host of info on me. i recently had someone i don't know who's in my line of work email me with a lot of knowledge about my interests that would only be available through some pretty extensive googling, not just visiting my personal webpage. and it creeped me out just a bit that someone i didn't know was doing that much research on me. he just wanted to talk shop, but still...

so i'm in complete agreement with you that when you have a child, it's best to be safe.

(Deleted comment)
haha Don't worry; I'm laughing along with you. Like I said to tempertemper77, the idea of a pregnant woman (or at least this particular one!) in undies is pretty amusing. *g*

Total internet privacy/security is an illusion, but going f-o does feel safer.

I completely understand and feel the same way.

Thank you for continuing to have me here.

I'm thrilled to know you, D. You're not getting rid of me that easily. ;)

Almost everyone I know goes the friends only route, it's totally acceptable, that's what the feature is for.

I added you awhile back, not sure if you noticed, but I'd very much still like to be friends if that's okay with you.


totally understandable

*hugs you back* How are you, sweetie?

(Deleted comment)
The EDD is Feb. 22nd. I hear first kids are often late; I guess we'll see!

I made my journal FO for the same reasons. I don't post a whole lot of personal stuff, but there are some things that I wouldn't want the entire internet at large to have access to.


And Brennan sniffing Santa butts FTW! :P

That's totally, completely understandable.

Glad to be here. (((hugs)))

I don't comment on all your personal posts, but I care a lot about you--my heart broke for you when you had your miscarriage. (I was dfasgiles when I commented on that, I think.) I care a lot about everyone, actually. It's just my nature. I may not always word things the way they should be worded because of my Asperger syndrome (high-functioning autism), but I do genuinely care about you; and I find it very refreshing to read a journal that doesn't have a lot of caustic stuff in it. I love your "smiles" posts. They have helped me to realize that I need to spend time each day purposefully thinking of as many positive things I can that happened that day bacause I have severe depression and am often all about the "woe is me." This journal with which I'm friending you is only for my fics, icons, and art, with the occasional update on same, so you don't have to read any of the crabby stuff in my personal journal. *blush* All the entries in this journal are labeled clearly in the subject line as to what they contain; and if they contain fic, the headers give clear warnings for the kind of activity contained within. I am a firm believer in not sending readers in blind because I hate being surprised with squicks when reading other people's work (Spike/Dawn for example--SO WRONG!!!). Thank you for considering friending me. *BIG HUGS*

i'm so excited for you to be a mommy!!

Thanks, honey. How've you been, btw???

I'd like to stay friends, but I do understand if you need to be more private. I'll still enjoy reading your fic.

Hey, you. :) I'm not defriending you, but I do appreciate your understanding. The whole friending/defriending/not friending thing always makes me a little leery because so much drama can erupt from it. Some people take it all very, very personally...

BTW, your icon is too funny. :D

That's completely understandable. You're right, this is your journal. You need to do what feels right for you. :)

This: If we just don't interact, I don't feel comfortable with essentially having my underwear hanging out there for everyone to see.

Seriously made me laugh. :D

That's completely understandable.

I'm not surprised that you understand. :) Thank you.

Seriously made me laugh. :D

*g* Good. I'm glad.

Your icon is very pretty. ♥

totally understandable.

Hope you're doing very, very, well. ::hugs::

♥ *smooch* You are always a warm and welcome/welcoming presence here at LJ; I am very happy to have you around. Thanks for the hugs and continued good wishes, M. :)

Pregnancy has been such a smooth ride to this point that I honestly can't complain about any of the minor discomfort that's very occasionally popping up now that I'm in my third trimester.

congratulations on becoming a parent!! i don't mind either way, but i do love your fanish things, so continued access to those is appreciated!