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Life (the NBC show)
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Anyone know if this show is in danger of being canceled?  I recently watched the first two episodes, and I'd like to know if I need to restrain myself from falling in love with it, or if I can safely go ahead and mainline the rest of the available eps.  :\

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It's been extended to at least a full second season. It's doing surprisingly well, given that NBC almost gives it no promotion. It got moved from the Friday death slot to Wednesday, so that's something.

My favorite Life comm is pers_pineapple.

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This the the 2nd season of Life. Have you watched the first season yet? Back in November SpoilerTV said that Life was picked up for a full season. So go on and watch whatever episodes are available.

Oh... I love Life! I've been trying to follow the ratings, and I don't think it was doing great... but my impression from what I read is that it was consistent, and that consistency is better than nothing right now for NBC. I was really excited to hear that they gave it at least a full second season.

Is that the one about the cop who has been in prison?? If so, I saw that trailed over here and it looked fab.. but then missed the start of it ;)

Talking of great TV - dh and I mainlined the last 4 eps of The Wire season one in quick succession last weekend and have ordered Season 2 from Amazon - love this show!! Can't believe we missed it before and thank you, so much, for recommending it!

I love this show. I'm with everyone else in that they did pick up the 2nd season but I think the ratings aren't as high as they'd like. Who knows will happen though.

Life is a wonderfully quirky show. I love his Zen view and his partner's reaction to it. Oh! And his ex-jailbird/roommate is adorable. I missed some episodes during S1 and think some major plot developments flew over my head. But I'm still enjoying S2 despite that. I haven't heard any cancellation buzz about it yet, so I think that means it's at least holding its own.

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Happy holidays. Hope you're enjoying it with friends and family and that things with the baby are coming along nicely :)

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