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Bones Fic: Unwell (2/9)
Title: Unwell (2/9)
Chapter: 2
Chapter Title: Every time she sneezes...
Characters: Brennan, Booth
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "Yup, the mighty Temperance Brennan was sick."
Notes:  This is pure, unadulterated fluff. If you don't like fluff, don't read this. Takes place after Season 3, Episode 4. No spoilers in this part, but there may be some in future parts.
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.

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Good. I totally love the massage part.
She'd invited him into her bed. Not like that. But still...
Minor technicality.

I hope you feel better now. I thought you'd joined the Hollywood writers ;)

:) Glad you liked the massage and Booth's inner dialogue.

I do feel better now. Thank you!

I thought you'd joined the Hollywood writers ;)

I support them, but I don't think there'd be much point in my not writing. :)

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Ah... so much fun :)
You've got the Booth/Brennan dynamic down pat; the banter is so much fun!

Thanks for sharing!


You've got the Booth/Brennan dynamic down pat; the banter is so much fun!

Thank you! :) And yes, their banter is fun and funny.

Thanks for sharing!

You're welcome. Thank you for reading and commenting.

I thought it was cute and funny :P
I really liked it
I'm waiting for more ;)

Thanks, Sara. :) I'm glad you thought it was funny. That's one thing those two definitely don't lack — humor.

awwww I'm loving it!
I wanna

i hope you dont mind that i addet you as a friend ^-^

Thank you! I'm happy you're liking this and want to read more. :)

I don't mind at all, and I've added you back.

*delighted grin*

"No, of course not." He shook his head. "I came to take you to brunch; I'm staying because you're sick. If you want me to go, you're going to have throw me out of here. So, the question is, do you really feel like getting out of bed and taking me on right now?" He really hoped she didn't say yes; he wasn't at his best without breakfast.

Brennan glowered at him, her red-rimmed eyes promising unheard of levels of pain once she'd recovered. That was just something he'd have to risk.

That part was when I started laughing, and it pretty much kept going all the way through. Their banter was spot on and there's something that's just adorable about sick!Brennan, lol.
And yeah, I guess it does help that I adore fluff...

*twirls you* Thank you! I'm happy that bit made you laugh, as it made me smile when I wrote it.

Sick!Brennan is pretty cute. And infuriating, of course.

Yeah, I think this story won't work for you if you're anti-fluff.

Thanks for reading and feeding. :)

Oh my god, I love you.

I know it seems like I don't because I took so long to read this but sporadic internet connection = lame.

SO MANY GOOD THINGS! I mean, I'm kinda partial to a bit of h/c anyway but AWWW! I like that Brennan softens, gets over the fact that Booth won't leave, but still occaionally attacks him. I identify with someone who attacks people *grins*

But my absolute favourite was -

...but only for a second. Oh, I'm going straight to hell, aren't I?

Best follow on from the bralessness line in part 1.

I HEART YOU LIKE A DIABETIC HEARTS INSULIN! Oh shush, it's the next logical step from the fat kid.

Hey, no worries. Obviously, I love to read and respond to feedback. Hell, I'll even beg for it, whore that I am. :D But I'm a pragmatist; I know people don't always have the time, desire, whatever to comment.

Yeah, Brennan's knee-jerk response is often to go on the offensive. :)

Best follow on from the bralessness line in part 1.

*g* He's such a guy. And Brennan is pretty hot. ;)


That's a whole lotta love, my friend! Thanks for reading and feeding (again). :)

Awww...i love it!Great job!

Hi, Anna. :) Thanks; I'm glad you liked this. It's been fun to write.

Hello, and thank you! I'm so pleased you enjoyed this.


Trying not to disturb the grouchy forensic anthropologist, eh? ;)

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I will not look at her chest.

Ok, I'm looking at her chest — but only for a second. Oh, I'm going straight to hell, aren't I?

Very well written! I love it :D

*grin* Poor Booth.

Thank you very much. I had fun writing this chapter; I'm glad you had fun reading it.