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Bones fic: Come Undone (2/?)
Title: Come Undone (2/?)
Chapter: 2/? [WIP]
Characters: Brennan, Booth
Rating: R (rating is for some language and adult themes.)
Summary: Where does Booth go on a night when his job feels like too much? Story set in season 3. Possible spoilers through 3x6.
Warning:  This story is rated R because of some adult themes, mild profanity, and some potentially difficult emotional content. 
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.

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Chapter 1

I absolutely love everything you write... It's fantastic!

Please keep it up. :)

Oh, thank you so very much. :) Glad this read ok to you.

I love the deep and conflicted emotions circling between them in this one! Fantastic job and I can't wait to read the next installment!

*hugs* Thank you so much. I'm beyond happy that you liked this.

Wow.. I love the depth you put into all of your fics.
This one is definitely darker than a lot of the others, but it's also real, I can see them in it, and that's something that very few fic writers for this show accomplish, imo.
Good job, I'm waiting for more :)

I love the depth you put into all of your fics.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for saying that.

And you're right, this story is a bit darker. I think the show floats on the edge of the darker stuff, just barely touching on it sometimes, and I think it could be explored further. But it's a 43 minute show, and there are other limitations.

I'm really, really happy this felt real to you, and like them, because I'm not trying to write angst for angst's sake, if that makes sense.

This is so perfectly written and true to the characters, but where you're taking them is pretty painful to read about (not that I would stop reading this, of course).

I'm a bit wary about the rape backstory - it used to be written into lots of X-Files fanfic (back in the day), but was rarely done well. However, I think you're a great writer so trust you'll deal with it well.

It's hard to pick my favourite line from this, but I think this may be it:

The truth was the truth was the truth — and it could not be changed.

Or possibly this, though it almost breaks my heart to read it:

She searched his eyes and concentrated on the sensation of his skin against hers, feeling it in every bone, muscle, and tendon, knowing it might be all she would ever have of him.

I look forward to seeing what you write next!

Thank you so very much, Elena. I am both relieved and happy that you felt this was true to the characters.

but where you're taking them is pretty painful to read about (not that I would stop reading this, of course).

I wouldn't blame you at all if you stopped reading. :) I'm going to be totally honest here; it took me almost two months to revisit this story because I was intimidated and unsure of what to do next. I didn't want to screw things up. But I am convinced that there is darkness and complexity in both these characters, and I wanted to explore that. It's hinted at on the show, but they don't really delve into it much -- especially with Booth.

I can understand why you're wary about the rape backstory. I have only seen a handful of X-Files episodes, and I've never read a fic for the show, so I have no idea how it's been handled by X-fic writers. However, as I told someone else, I'm not trying to write angst for angst's sake. The rape seemed plausible in light of the fact that rape is an oft-used intimidation or interrogation tactic, and in light of her strong reaction to the Mara Muerte leader in Woman in the Garden. And I definitely am not trying to sensationalize rape or turn it into something that's an excuse for Booth and Brennan to hook up. Also, please note that the rape is something that happened to Brennan, and not something that is happening. Point being, it's a part of her life story, but it's not the only part. I have no interest in writing Brennan as a victim or feeling unable to be sexual because of the rape. That clearly isn't the case. She was quite free with Sully, for example. Fourteenlines posted this in her comment on this chapter: "It helps that we've seen Brennan's open attitude toward sexuality, reinforcing her statement that things can heal." That is precisely what finally convinced me that it was ok to bring up rape.

Nor do I have any interest in writing this as Brennan being defined by the fact that she was raped; I think that is part of what she was trying to convey to Booth in the hope that he would understand that he isn't defined by any single thing that he's done or had done to him. Does that make sense? I recognize, though, that ultimately it doesn't matter what I say here because if the story doesn't communicate all that, I haven't done a very good job.

So I don't want this story to be about the rape. It's not something that I want to reveal for shock value and then never touch on again, but this isn't supposed to be a rape story. Let me just assure you that if I can't find a way to integrate it into the story in a way that seems fitting, I'd rather just stop writing it. Better to leave the story unfinished than turn it into something that makes a mockery of something so serious.

Whew. Please forgive my rambling on. :) This story is a tough one, and I'm wrestling with a lot of questions. Your comments reinforced that.

Thank you for pointing out your favorite sentences. I was partial to those, too, because I hate that Brennan is sometimes viewed as being unfeeling. She is anything but that.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments. As you can see, they provoked a lot of thought for me. ;)

Edited at 2007-11-13 08:12 pm (UTC)

I just decided to look up some Bones fic to while away a slow afternoon in the office and found this and all I have to say is...

Out of the fucking ballpark, my friend.

So very, very good. Subtle and good.

There's nothing like a little fic to spice up a dull day.

Thanks for reading and commenting. This is a tough one to write, so hearing from other people really helps. And I'm ECSTATIC you think this is subtle; I was so hoping it would read that way.

I would offer to Beta, but I think you've gotten more than enough offers by now. :) That being said, this is not my favorite story of yours - not because the characters are wrong or because of any writing errors - just because of the subject matter. It's difficult for me to picture Booth breaking down to that extent, even if it is in front of Brennan. Now, that's not to say that it would never happen or anything like that - it's just difficult for me to picture, is all. I still enjoy the story - it's just not my favorite. :D

Everyone has fears, and limits, and things that just plain push their buttons. Sometimes it's interesting to put characters in situations that hit those things -- and then sit back and see how they react. Characterization is very subjective, and I knew when I started writing this story that there would definitely be people who wouldn't agree with my portrayal of Booth and Brennan. I am glad you felt comfortable telling me that you couldn't see Booth breaking down like this; I value your honest opinion.

I think I know which is your favorite. WWHIWK?, perhaps? ;)

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.


This is a crappy, small comment because of bad net connection, bad brain connection etc etc but OMG KEEP GOING! I mean, I'd prefer you finish the other two first because they are my faaaaavourites. But HEE LOVE!!!

You've got to torture characters a little to discover what they're made of. ;)

Your comment isn't crappy at all. I'm happy knowing you're reading this, so thank you for making the effort to let me know that -- especially if you've got a bad 'net connection.

I feel silly leaving comments on each story saying how much I like it, but I want you to know that I read all of them and I like all of them. I think Ice Cream was my favorite, but this is definitely one of my favorites too. Can't wait to see the rest. :)

Please don't feel silly about leaving multiple comments; honestly, I LOVE feedback. Most people read but don't comment. I treasure every bit of feedback I receive. I write because I enjoy it, but I post what I write because I want to entertain and connect with other people. Otherwise, I would just keep my writing on my computer. :)

So thank you for taking the time to read AND comment. I sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you. :) I'm happy you're eager for more of this story. And I promise that I will continue it.

still doing very well! Aspies are all egocentric, though not aware that they're wrong in being so, and to everyone around them, they appear selfish, arrogant, and/or patronizing because of their egocentricity. They also are often verbose, which the writers often disclose through Zack's character. The pedantic speech patterns are used with both Zack's and Tempe's characters. You may notice that my words are sometimes "fancier" than most. That's what pedantic means, and that's another reason people think Aspies are arrogant: because we use big words. I don't know why we do it; we just do. *shrugs*

and, in reference to the last few bits of dialogue...

Booth sure is keeping her guessing! If I might offer a suggestion for her reaction:

Rather than merely being confused, she would also be very frustrated by the lack of consistency in his behavior. Tempe strikes me as a little more enlightened than the average Aspie, so I don't think she'd lash out at him about her frustration, but she'd definitely be frustrated on the inside. *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
You have a real talent for digging into the darker, angstier sides of these characters without it being over the top or feeling too different from the show.

You have no idea how happy your comment makes me. :) Thank you.

I always feel like these kinds of issues are lurking in the background of the episodes, but we just never get to explore them because that's not the tone of the show.

You said EXACTLY what I think, so I'm just going to nod and say I agree with you.

I'm trying to finish out a couple other stories first; after that Come Undone will go back into rotation, I promise.

Thank you for your lovely comments and your interest in reading more of this story; I appreciate both more than you know.

Wow! This is amazing! I can't wait to hear more of this one!

Thanks. I'm glad you liked this; I'll return to it once I've had a chance to complete a couple of my other stories. Don't worry, I'll be back with more. :)

I normally don't read WIP's and this fic is exactly why. It was absolutely amazing. It was so in character it made me miss new episodes a little less. And the Brothers Grimm thing made me chuckle. Of course Brennan would even get bedtime stories that were a little different.

Its early and I could ramble on and on about how wonderful this story is; and how beautifully its written, but I'm just going to ask you to please continue.

Heather, this story is very dear to me. You have my solemn promise that I'll finish every fic I've started. I can't give you a precise timeline because family problems have been encroaching on my writing time, and because I want to finish out Unwell and Christmas Magic first. But rest assured that I'll continue Come Undone.

Also, I understand your reservations about WIP's, but I'd like to share my perspective as a reader of other people's WIP's. Which is that even if a WIP is forever left as a WIP, there may still be magic in the piece, and I'm happy to have felt that—even if I never get complete resolution. Just my opinion, of course.

Thank you for your interest in this story and for sharing with me that you've enjoyed it so far. I appreciate your feedback.

this is the first story i've read where it's brennan who has to do the pushing. usually booth convinces her or she kisses him and it's clear it's what he's been waiting for. i like the variety.

p.s. anna begins is one of the most beautiful songs eva eva eva. it seems to be good mood writing music as well. :)

(i've suddenly appeared with a billion comments. i've been ghosting around your drabbles for a bit and thought i'd come out with some appreciation.)