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BSG question
Lee/Kara - lerdo
OK, so I am only current through ep 3x15 of Battlestar Galactica.  But I know that the final season is currently airing.  So riddle me this, fellow BSG fans:  are you enjoying this last season? 

I'm not asking for spoilers or anything specific; I'm just curious whether you've felt entertained so far by this season, or if it's been a letdown.  Just wondering if I've got something to look forward to here or if I should just be prepared to be underwhelmed.  (Yes, I know our opinions might differ. *g*) 

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This second half of season 4 has been fairly awesome. There have been a few things that I've been a little meh about but, on the whole, it's pretty much been rocking my world on a weekly basis. I really believe that the show is going out in the best possible way.

YES!! But hold onto your hat, because season 4.5 especially is one hell of a wild ride. This show is so not going out with a whimper...


I guess I'll be the negative voice here and say that I've been bitterly disappointed with season 4.0 and 4.5. I feel like the show has lost its focus entirely and that the writing is sub-par. I long for seasons one and two.

However, I will say that there have been a few very good episodes, but I don't think they're as good as the earlier seasons'. But again, I've enjoyed maybe three episodes out of fifteen. That's not a good ratio.

But who knows? Nearly everyone on my flist is loving the season so far. Maybe I just had higher hopes for a season that returned to character driven (read: human) drama. (Oh, how NAIVE considering this is RDM.)

(I hope none of this was spoilery.)

YES!! It has been awesome. There were two episodes in 4.0 that I didn't really care for, 4x04 and 4x05, but rewatching them as a whole with the entire season in one night made me appreciate them a lot more. And 4.5 has just been one heck of a ride. The writing is on, the acting is on...I really hope it keeps up this level of awesomeness as it ends.

Yes, 4.5 has been amazing! The show as a whole is up and down, but all in all pretty awesome and they last three episodes....*dies*

The first half sucked in my opinion, though if you prefer plot to character interaction, you'll probably like it. This second half has been awesome so far. A few episodes have reached 1st season quality in my opinion in terms of being perfectly crafted.

*jumps out of lurkdom*

Given that in my view, and with some marked exceptions *glares in the general direction of Michael Angelli* BSG is probably the best written show to air since the third season of The West Wing, I fell I have to comment. Has it been underwhelming? No. At least to me personally, not even a little. In fact last week my mind was so thoroughly blown, I'm still gathering pieces of it. Sure, the first half of the fourth season is basically setup for the second (mind you, the second-to-last episode of 4.0 all about killed me. Just...Gah! Perfection on TV ). But the episodes worked well on their own, and as it was mentioned before, once you see the season as a whole, it makes a lot more sense. As for 4.5, it has been an insane and exhilarating ride. The latest episode was bizarre and kinda slow, but I think, again, it's all setting-up what's to come for the series finale. And just typing that broke my heart a little.

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