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Happy Birthday, TT!!!
Uriah  - lerdo
Happy Birthday hugs go out to tempertemper77, a gem among women.  Sweetheart, I hope you have a day that's as full of love, light, and beauty as you are. ♥

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Oh honey, what lovely words! *blushes*

You are a sweetheart and I am having a fabulous day (see LJ for MEERKAT madness... it'll make sense if you look LOL).

Any signs of mini-L putting in an appearance on her due date? Give that bump a pat from me *g*

Awww... for baby meerkats. It sounds like you DID have a wonderful birthday. Good; I'm glad. It's clear that your fam adores you, as well they should. *hugs*

Mini-L is content to bake for at least a bit longer, I think. *g*

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