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Happy Belated Birthday, ggjunkie33!
B/B For You (hug @ Ange's wedding) - ler
ggjunkie33, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday.  You are such a kind, sweet, and upbeat person, and I will always be thankful that I "met" you through Bones fanfiction.  I know there's a decent difference in our ages, but I never feel like we just can't relate.  Also, while these birthday wishes are belated, but I truly hope you had a lovely day.  *hugs*  

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Thank you so much for the wonderful words and birthday wishes! I am so grateful that we've "met" through Bones fanfiction too! ♥ :)

I had a pretty good day, despite having to go to school. ;)
I was especially happy that I got to watch a new Bones episode while eating cheesecake for my birthday - it was quite fun :)

Cheesecake and Bones sounds like a pretty tasty combo to me! And too bad re: having to go to school; it's unfortunate that we can't have absolutely perfect days on our birthdays. :D

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