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Wednesday Smiles (a day late bc every day is rolling into the next)
Perfect Imperfections - unexpectedbox
My smile:

I have a 9-day-old daughter, and I love and like her even more than I'd imagined I would.  There were some unexpected complications, and her entrance into the world wasn't quite what I'd expected or planned, but that's life.  :)

Hope your days are equally full.

I mostly post fannish things in this journal, but I think it's easy to forget that there is a real person behind the fic and the Bones commentary. Same goes for other people, of course. So I'd like to take a minute to acknowledge our humanity.

If you'd like to do so, please tell me something that made you smile this week, no matter how small. Could be the snuggle your dog gave you on Monday, the song you discovered on Tuesday, or the way your significant other smiled at you today. I've been posting these since last December. If you feel up to it, please respond—here, in your own journal, or elsewhere. Feel free to post more than one thing and/or respond to other comments.

Why am I doing this? Because I think it is far too easy to get caught up in the stresses, big and small, that we all experience. Being able to focus on one positive thing, however small, can give one a valuable sense of perspective.

Why Wednesday? I figure a little mid-week cheer can't hurt. :)

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Hearing from you!! Though hoping those complications weren't anything too drastic *hugs*

New windows and doors on my house in T minus 5 days and counting!! (pathetic what excites me these days)

Joe's nursery teacher especially told my child minder to tell me that he is such a dear, sweet little boy who always helps without being asked. Today one of his class mates was struggling with the velcro on her painting apron and he went and helped her all by himself. *beams with parental pride*

(That loving and liking them more than you ever thought possible just grows and grows :)

HAI! *waves frantically*

My smile is baby Parker Evan, six days old today. :D

Like tempertemper, hearing from you ^_^

..And George Clooney, Julianna Margulies, Eriq La Salle, and Noah Wyle will all be on ER tonight *dies*

R u srs? I may have to watch that ep... is George back as Doug Ross? I may just hyperventilate... yikes! :D

haha. I'm as serious as a heartattack. He's back as Doug and Carol's been in the promos along with Benton :D and then Carter's been back for a couple of weeks. You should definitely watch. It's gonna be a good 'un ;)

I smiled when I saw your post! Squeeee!
Other than that...
I got new lampshades for my bedroom and they are gorgeous and now (along with some other re-deco we did recently) it's like the coziest damn room in the house! :)
My son is NAPPING! That's always a good thing! lol
Good to see ya, hon! *huggles*

- Your smile. I'm glad that you're both well despite those unexpected complications. Did you finally name her Misha? :)

- I've just been told about going out tomorrow with work-mates. Could be fun.

Besides, this isn't being the best of the weeks, but it will pass.

Smiles for:

You made me smile so much I had to use my lol icon!

In fannish news David rejoining the baby train made me smile

In rl I can nearly walk, I have been downstairs and I have had my hair cut - all on Wednesday so that was proper smile day and everything.


Hearing that your baby girl is making you happy :]

I will third the "Hearing from you!" So good to see you here.

I'm so happy for all of you. Hugs to you.

I'm Fourthing or Fifthing or Tenthing (whatever number we're up to) the smile for hearing from you! So ecstatic to know you and your daughter are well!!

Also, I've had my first few phone interviews for the Big Girl Job. I'm feeling a lot less nervous than I was a few days ago. :)

hurray you are all doing well!!! i'm glad everything went semi smoothly!

my smile: aced two final exams, and almost done with the other two!!!

*booth waves at new baby!*

It makes me smile to know that you're okay and that you've a beautiful, wonderful, daughter. [beams with joy for you.]

On other fronts, I'm delighted that my daughter's business is picking up again, and that all seems to be going well for the family.

Congrats! I remember those first weeks so well. I never, ever thought it was possible to love another person as much as I loved my first baby. When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I paniced, but I didn't think I could love another child as much as I did my first. Well, I found out that it is very easy to love them all, and amazing how much love you can have.

*hugs* to you and your family.

What made me smile this week? Hmm.. my kids. They make me laugh every day. They say or do something that entertains me (and pisses me off!). They are such fun ages, 16, 15 and 12-such grown ups but not.

Have fun with the baby... and all the best!

Umm, I think it's like eighteenth or nineteenthing by now, but hearing from you. Glad you and the little one are well.

Also, the pretty calla lillies sitting on top of our piano.

I am very glad to hear that you and your daughter are well. I hope everything is going well.

It's Thursday. I think that is all that I am happy about right now. One more day until the weekend.

Oh wow! Congratulations! And welcome to the world new Bones fan ;-)

Gee, what makes me smile?

You with a nine-day old baby.


I'm so glad to hear from you!

My smiles have been Bones-from-Canada, my daughter writing and helping to assemble a storybook for school, and my son being sweet and gentle with his baby cousin.

Congrats on your baby! You are a mommy now, it´s wonderful :-)

My best wishes for you and your daughter :-)

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