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Oh happy day.
Ange & Andy

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Oh, I so cracking up right now!

Glad these made you laugh. :)

*g* I thought so; I'm glad you did, too!

First, congratulations on your new baby daughter. She probably still has that 'new baby smell' right now, doesn't she?

I consider this a happy day for me, too. I've been searching for good Bones fanfic and I stumbled across your stories. I've been doing the Snoopy happy dance ever since! You seem at ease with the characters and capture their voices beautifully, and I can see your scenes playing out on the tv set in my mind. And you write smut! Life doesn't get much better than Booth & Bones. (This coming from a dedicated, card-carrying Mulder and Scully fanatic!)

Obviously, your life has taken a dramatic and wonderful turn with your new baby, but I hope you're able to return to the keyboard soon and grace us with more of your unique and incredible gift.

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