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Just out of curiosity, are any of you watching Nathan Fillion's Castle?  If you are, what do you think of it?   I haven't watched any eps, but I remember someone commenting a while back that it sounded like a Bones-esque set-up. 

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I like Castle. It is a fun show with great characters and I can see it going places. Nathan Fillon has been doing a great job. Great chemistry between the leads and the overall characters.

Castle is FAB! It's probably my favorite new TV show. I'd give it a chance because Nathan is so good and the plot is interesting.

It can't hurt to try it! You can watch it online at ABC

YES. im watching and its really really fantastic and i recommend it to anyone and their mother.

LOVE. :) Definitely watch it! The characters are interesting, as are most the cases, and the chemistry between the entire cast is pretty great. I think they're really carving their own niche -- finding a way to be different than the other cop shows and other "guy, girl partners = sexual tension" shows. Much like Bones did.

What with all the spare time you have on your hands, you can probably catch up in a day! ;) Good luck!


It's adorable, mostly because of Nathan Fillion. It's less intelligent than Bones, but also less slapstick and less snooty. If Temperance Brennan is the Ray Bradbury of her universe's mystery genre, than Rick Castle is the Laurell K. Hamilton. It's pulpy and less sophisticated, but the readers still love it.

Also, the relationship between Castle and his partner/muse Beckett is really cute. They're attracted to each other, but not yet interested enough, but at the same time, probably wouldn't fight it if it happened. They don't have the same long-term agendas like Booth and Brennan (the plan is that Castle write a book based on their adventures together and then end his partnership with her), and go out of the way to impress each other on a sexual level. There's something there, but it doesn't look like it will ever be the focus of the show.

In short, I like it. My sister and I always watch it at the same time and chat about it online (she lives several states away, unfortunately); it's kind of our Sister Night together in a nice way that makes up for being so far apart.

Also: the scarfs! The characters on the show have the most amazing scarves.

I've really been enjoying Castle so far. It has a lot of potential; and, strangely enough, I think my favorite dynamic on the show is Castle and his daughter. :) They're too cute.

I AGREE! I want more scenes with him and her because they are just too cute.

I am so jealous of her though; I want to be Nathan's daughter be it on screen or IRL, I do not care. He would make an awesome daddy <3

Oh, see, when I think Nathan Fillion + "Daddy" I have ENTIRELY inappropriate different thoughts ;]

I just mainlined the entire show to date this weekend. *G* I enjoy it very much. The cast is great, the stories are interesting, and the dialogue is snappy and at times down right hilarious.

It is somewhat of a Bones-esque setup, right down to the heat between the two main characters.

I'm enjoying it quite a lot. It's fairly by the numbers, but I LIKE that, and the characters and relationships are fun. Give it a go.

It's a very fun show. I've been enjoying it a lot. It's not as technical as Bones. It's a bit more light-hearted. There's the potential between the two main characters, but as last_archangel said, it's not the focus of the show. At this point, I wouldn't want it to be either.

It's nothing ground breaking, by any means, but it makes for a very enjoyable hour of tv without getting into slapstick or a lot of odd/quirky characters.

And besides, there's the hotness and adorableness that is Nathan Fillion. What other reason do you need? o_O lol

I've been watching it and really enjoy it. It IS very similar to Bones. There are SO many little (and big) similarities. My friend and I are actually making a list. But I do enjoy it!

I just watched the 1st episode last night and thought it was pretty funny. tonight I might catch more if I don't go to sleep early

It's pretty good. I wouldn't schedule my life around it (as, sadly, I do with Bones), but I catch it when it's convenient. I agree that Nathan Fillion is perfect in his role as a roguish womanizing mystery author. Stana Katic-- I'm a little iffy on her. She plays the cop REALLY well. I'm having trouble seeing the woman-side of her (and thus having trouble understanding why Castle wants her, unless it's just becuause he hits on every attractive woman in his sphere). However, the next new episode includes an ex-boyf of Detective Beckett's, so maybe she'll grow on me.

I'm the minority vote, here. I LOVE Nathan Fillion, and he seems to be truly enjoying playing Castle, but I cannot abide the leading lady. IMO, she's stiff as a board, a bad actor, and I do not see the chemistry. And, frankly, I've looked for the chemistry.

Castle, like Bones, is a best-selling writer, and he's supposed to - of course - have spectacular chemistry with the female detective. That's where the similarity ends, because, I don't see chemistry between Fillion and his leading lady. Even asked The Spouse. He doesn't see it, either. In fact, he dislikes the show even more than I.

What IS good about the show? Nathan Fillion and the other actors are very good, especially the actor that plays his mother.

Unfortunately, our (husband and I) dislike of the leading lady prevent us from being able to watch the show for more than two minutes.

On a happier note: am loving NCIS, Big Bang Theory, L&O: CI with Jeff Goldblum, as well as Bones. :-)

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I love Castle. It's my favorite new show. The cast is great, Nathan Fillion is dashingly adorable and charming and has lots of chemistry with the female lead. And I love the mom.

Watch it. You won't be disappointed!

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